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Infra Red Light Therapy


Don't get me wrong. I have only just had a rise in TSH to 3.5+ and antibodies still in normal range but higher than I would like. But I want to be proactive

I have just received my near infra red lamp.

Investigated the therapy having taken my dog to a chiropracter because of an injured shoulder giving her pain and a bad limp.

It seems may be helpful for thyroid issues, so as I am using it on Lottie - I thought I would use too

Is anyone interested to see how I get on? Or does anyone else use and can give any tips :)

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Hi LynneG, I'd love to hear how you get along with the therapy. Years ago I read about red light treatment in a different context and it was being hailed as a breakthrough. Not heard much about it since, but I'm very interested.

Good luck.

LynneG in reply to LuckyKat

Thanks for your interest LuckyKat - I'm feeling positive from what I have read. Lottie loves it anyway, seems to really relax her :) I will post back when given it chance re symptoms or perhaps wait for blood markers

I'd be interested to hear :) I have read about it and it can be quite beneficial. I have tried it few times, always rejuvenating.

LynneG in reply to hachiko

Thanks hachiko. Good to hear you tried it and found rejuvenating. I have joint issues going on too and feel has already been beneficial immediatey after but joints still sore in the morning. Early as just 2 days :)

hachiko in reply to LynneG

Good for my complexion. And just very invigorating. I wish I owned Infra red sauna :)

LynneG in reply to hachiko

Yes, I want to get a near infrared sauna, apparently what we need from my research. Much cheaper too. different application really than this light as 5-10cm from thyroid. Didn't think Lottie would appreciate getting in a wardrobe though :)

LynneG in reply to LynneG

Not sure if you will have seen this hachiko but will post just incase as very interesting

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