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Helminth (parasite) therapy for autoimmune disease

I just heard about this (worm!) therapy in an Autism Intensive discussion about latest developments in the treatment of autoimmune disorders. Sounds quite promising.

This is a UK ompany apparently offering the therapy:

Has anyone used this? If so, would love to get some feedback! Thanks.

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Thanks for posting but one sentence sticks out i.e.:

Our experience is not, however, subject to the rigors of scientific research and as good as our results have been we cannot guarantee that results for you will be satisfactory.

With one exception: we are so impressed with the response of relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis that we guarantee satisfaction after one year using helminthic therapy or we will refund your money. Please contact us for details.


I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but there does seem to be quite a lot of research:

(Research link edited)

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I have read that our obsession with cleanliness has undermined the appropriate immune response as it is in part a learned process by exposure to "dirt".

Throw in vaccines and our (previous) gung ho use of antibiotics and we are left with a wholly "clean" but diminished immune system, capable of generating unwanted responses ( inflammation, pain ,swelling, heat, allergies, auto immune disease .! ...) but incapable of protecting us from bacterial or viral infections.

I can see the theory behind Helminthic Therapy, that the immune system would be stimulated by exposure to microorganisms and parasites (worms) but it still holds a little distant from my beliefs (a bit like the Faecal implants).


More reading to support your cause:

Helminthic therapy cures crohns

Trichuris suis (whipworm) helps colitis


Thanks Flower. I've been watching the Autism Intensive series as my son is profoundly autistic and my daughter is now sick, and there seems to be a lot of overlap in their conditions.

There's been lots of discussion about immune modulation and Helminth seems to be the hot topic in this area, along with Low Dose Naltrexone, which apparently has similar effects.


I am so sorry to hear about your son and daughter Josiesmum.

If it were one of my children I would go to any length to help them.

LDN is a topic I have been investigating myself as is a favourite to reduce constantly high TPOAb's.

I read lots of favourable reports but there is a caution that it will only work for those that match the cytokine or chemokine profile favourable to Naltrexone.

There is much info on Naltrexone but is immensely complicated.

I think if I were considering its use for one of my children, I would bring in a professional practitioner as a lot of the dosing is decided on how you feel. (Not easy to interpret with young children).



Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.



Flower, I would be grateful for any links to info about favourable cytokine or chemokine profiles and LDN.

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Hi Josiesmum,

Yes I've used helminthic therapy since 2013 with great success. It has stopped my chronic hives and migraines and given me pain-free periods for the first time in my life (I have endometriosis).

These organisms have powerful immune modulating effects and we have co-evolved with them because we have always been exposed to them until the last 50-100 years. So it makes sense that our immune system has evolved to work optimally in their presence and starts to malfunction when they are removed (hence the explosion of autoimmune disease, allergy and chronic inflammatory conditions).

There are some excellent support groups available for more info - PM me if you're interested.


Hi. I have been on helminth therapy for about 18 months, and I have had very good results. I am 56 years old female. I live in Palmerston North, New Zealand. My blood tests indicate lupus but my symptoms are of sjogrens. I use hookworm, and have gradually built up to having 150 on board, which is a common full dosage. At the 5 month point, my chronic fatigue and brain fog left me. My stomach tolerates gluten much better, my blood tests have also improved, so I am well sold on this. Very happy to discuss further with anyone who would like to talk about it.

A book 'An Epidemic of Absence' is a very good read, and explains why people who live in developed countries are having so many problems with their immune systems. There is a chapter here on autism as well, which might be of use.

Also here is a video:

The link below is a presentation to a children’s conference in the States, very good general background here –Dr William Parker, a leading immunologist is relating these auto-immune problems to cognitive difficulties and autism.

You need to wait a minute or so for the introduction to begin.

This is Dr Parker’s research area:

The biome depletion theory: We are investigating the immunological differences between laboratory-raised and wild-raised animals as a probe for differences between humans with and without modern medical care, respectively. This comprehensive approach has turned up unexpected and dramatic differences between the unhygienic and hygienic populations. Such differences likely explain the rising incidence of hyper-immune associated disorders such as allergy and autoimmune disease in countries with modern medical practice. Loss of particular components, including helminths, from the human biome is likely responsible for many of the changes, and it is hoped that this situation can be reversed.

Look forward to hearing what you think of it!

Kind regards



For all the latest info on helminthic therapy, visit the largest reference work on this topic - the Helminthic Therapy wiki.

The site has full details about all the organisms that are being used and the companies that supply them, as well as hundreds of scientific papers, media articles and personal stories by helminthic therapy self-treaters. And the site is updated daily.


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