Post Brexit silence

Just wondering if there's anyone living in France (or elsewhere in Europe for that matter) who has sensed a change in attitude from their doctor since last week's vote. I have had my normal consultation and got a prescription for a changed dose of T4 post a blood test. Also got told a probiotic would sort out my IBS and that was added to my prescription although was one not covered by my insurance so had to pay 8 euros for it. Since then I've been writing emails and ringing the surgery to see what she is going to do about low B12, low D and low zinc and high saturation coefficient for transferrine. I just get rubber-eared. Have copied results to my consultant endo....same thing. I normally get a rely, even if I don't always get the reply I want. This time it's like there's a wall of silence......what's going on? Anyone else had anything similar happened to them? Maybe ...just need to be vigilant.

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  • Which vote last week are you referring to?

  • When the article 50 bill passed through Parliament the amendment that was tabled to give EU residents in the U.K. easy access to permanent residency status was defeated. A leaked European Parliament report (Guardian covered this story) showed that there is growing bad feeling towards Brits abroad because non-nationals are being used as bargaining chips. The vote won't have helped !

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