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West Yorkshire hospital Endos

After horrible symptoms for ages and 'within range' test results I was prescribed Levo last week and started on Thursday. My GP had referred me to an Endo "to see why you are having such bad symptoms with such borderline results"

My letter for referral came yesterday and it's a Choose and Book appt.

The hospitals my letter suggests are Barnsley, Dewsbury, Pinderfields and Pontefract.

As my TSH was only 3.17 and my T4 14 I don't want to get this far for help and then get dismissed as 'normal' and taken off the Levo and any subsequent help.

Can anyone who is in this area recommend your consultant if they are at any of these hospitals? The nearest one on Louises's list of recommended endos is Harrogate which is out of my district

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I thought that you can be referred anywhere if you are prepared to travel


That's right, you can choose where you go, doesn't have to be a hospital on the choose and book letter, you just call your Gp surgery and ask for them to add your chosen hospital to the list then you can book your appt. You can choose a hospital in a different county, no problem, I have done it several times.


I really wish I'd seen these replies before. I booked an appointment (3 of the hospitals on my list had no appointments at all and the other it said would have to contact me and the wait time was 69 days!)

It won't let me log back in now to try and change it and I've heard nothing.

If I wanted to request a specific Dr would I be able to do that and how would I go about doing it now? I have horrible brain fog at the moment so really struggling


If you want to change your hospital choice call the choose and book number and see what they say, you might need a new referral. As I said if your preferred hospital is not on your list your docs secretary needs to add it.

When you make your appt you can say which Consultant clinic you want to be booked in with but it doesn't guarantee you will actually see him/her on the day, you may well be seen by one of the team. Only way round that is to see the Consultant privately then revert to NHS if you need anything done. I have just done that myself, booked an NHS appt in his clinic, saw him privately within a week then I will see him in his nhs clinic next month, winner 😊


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