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Her we go again. Any blasted endo in North West not a nutter?

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Hi all. I've just lost my semi-reasonable, but a real-scaremongering-Bren-gun of an endo (left the hospital and not bothered his testes to reply to any of his patients) and am back to square uno. Anyone got the faintest idea of an endo, who will not turn white and swoon with horror at someone on T3 combo with an almost non-existent TSH level, in the sunny (ha ha) North West of Ingerland? Can't believe we are still having to wade through this 'band of brothers can't prescribe anything other than what's on the pharmaceutical-GP payment by design axis of negligence' crap, but there we are.

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Hi, where about are you I am in the North West...please PM me....thanks

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Hi - have pm'd you...

Sorry the one endo i encountered in Lancashire (he covers Chorley and Preston) was an arrogant t**t. Fortunately I've never needed one since 2010 hopefully someone has the answers. Now gynaes and haematologists i can recommend there are some real good ones in above mentioned hospitals and Wigan.

Have you got Louise's list of friendly Endos & private doctors?

email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org

J :D

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Hi - yes. but when I researched some of the endos on the list I discovered that many were not sympathetic, some were hostile and rarely did any of them prescribe T3.

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Mind you, it is a couple of years old - wonder if it's changed?...

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sorry I don't know as haven't seen it - did you inform Louise of the hostile ones?

I find that certain GPs at my surgery are thought to be so good & helpful, yet they do nothing for me so it's a waste of time! could be the way I wear my face I suppose! :D

We tried prof vora at the spire in liverpool as we had concerns about my nan but although he seemed nice i am not convinced as he said she didn't have secondary adrenal insufficiency as cortisol rose normally after synacthen test which it would with secondary insufficiency but then said fsh was normal so as normal hormones no pituitary damage, when i thought they had to test the acth level. I was researching a dr tara kearney at bmi alexandria in manchester but it was too far to take my nan from liverpool as she is so unwell. But there were several online entries saying she helped people get diagnosed with problems when they had been misdiagnosed for years. I don't know which part of the north west you live in but if your near manchester it may be worth a try. Good luck.

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Thanks, Sarah - will look into it.

Well it is comendable that you are wasting so much energy on the "profession". I realised too late it is best to cut them out of the loop and help yourself. I did and i have never looked back. Don't let them hold you hostage.

Cd not agree mre. Spent yrs and a fortune on endos - most were a complete waste of time and money.

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