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Any advice gratefully received

Hi all

Looking for some advice re my current situation. Had full hysterectomy as diagnosed with ovarian cancer in September 2009. Luckily it was caught early and have been cancer free since. Since the surgery I have been on and off citalopram as have suffered quite badly with anxiety and depression. In July 2015 I had routine blood tests done at my GPs as had been feeling very down, very tired and had lots of joint and muscle aches. Was put on 20mg citalopram again and my blood tests came back normal apart from my TSH was 0.4 which GP said was on lower end of normal. I had TSH rechecked in September 2015 and was told I now had an underactive thyroid although was not told exact number. Put on 50mcg levothyroxine and have had 3 monthly blood checks since. Am told each time my results are perfect although never told exactly what they are! Anyway my problem is that despite being on Citalopram and Levothyroxine and my results being perfect I still feel terrible. Very bad mood swings, very achy muscles and joints and exhausted much of the time. Am wondering if this is all to do with my thyroid and whether I should get some blood tests done privately. Would be grateful for any help and ideas!

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Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Thyroid illness can cause terrible anxiety and depression.

The first thing to do would be to get a copy of your last test results (they should come w lab ranges in brackets) and post them here. It would be best if you could get more than just the one set of results but the surgery may ask you to pay for them.

You may in time wish to find out more about your ferritin, iron, folate, vits d and b12 if they haven't already been tested, as they can create symptoms when low as well as making it difficult for your body to use your thyroid meds well.

You may find that your surgery is only testing the bare minimum of thyroid-related hormones and if they refuse to test for the full complement you may want to go for a private test. But for now it would be great to find out what is being tested and what those results are.

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There is a mention a little way down in the above link about Citalopram affecting the uptake of Levo/T4

Will look out for results suggested by puncturedbicycle ...

Am sure when you are well treated for your thyroid you won't need your AD's. I think I saw in the above link that Citalopram contains a flouride type ingredient - which can also work against the thyroid ...


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