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Results help please

Hiya all,

Can you help with these results - they're not mine though.

TSH 0.52 (0.27 - 4.20)

Total T4 50.6 (59.00- 154.00)

FT4 6.91 (12.00 - 22.00)

FT3 8.7 (3.10 - 6.80)

The lady is taking 50mgs Levothyroxine since 2014and 20mgs Liiothyronine since December 2016 prescribed by GP

These are her symptoms

Aching (in pain) all over like dragging lead weights.

No energy.

Can get to sleep but wake up around 2am, then fall a sleep & cant get out of bed.

Tired at the slightest of task. Memory loss disconnected, brain fog.

Incredible sore feet. Tail bone.

I've already mentioned checking iron (she supplements) D3 is good, B12 a mid range but on supplements, so the other thing is her cortisol, have mentioned the saliva test to her, but can anyone shed any light on her combination of thyroid hormone. I think she is pooling but as I'm on NDT I'm not sure whether she should stop the T4 or T3, my hunch is stop T4 but please advise?

She will be seeing her GP about it but if we can help shed any light on her results that would be helpful.


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The FT4 is very low, are you sure it isnt 16.91? If it's 6.91 I would think a Levo dose raise may help.


Thank you Silver Fairy -Yes it is 6.91 I saw the print out she has.

So increase the levo and do nothing with the T3?


The advise on here is usually to have FT4 mid range. Personally I would raise the dose of Levo to 75mgs.

Was her FT4 result under range when the T3 was prescribed?

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Thanks - It was low in the range.

TSH 0.94 (0.35 - 5.00)

FT4 12 (9 - 19.0)


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