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Results back!

So when I was diagnosed back in Nov I knew nothing about any of this - then I found this forum and did some research, so feel a little wiser now, always learning!! Frustratingly I did ask the nurse when I had my bloods done last week what they tested for and she said everything, so I said including T3? And she said yes. But sure enough, they've sent me my results (upon my asking) and they've only included T4 and TSH :( So it probably says nothing... but I thought I would post it anyway in case they're any use at all!!

I was put on 50mcg of Levo and when I got the results back today I was simply told they were normal and to keep going with the same dosage and they'll test me again in a year. No asking how I was on the medication etc.... not that I was surprised given the majority of people's experiences here, but it's clear it's all about the numbers not the symptoms.

Anyway, here we are! Any thoughts appreciated :)

25/1 - Thyroid Function Test (IDG848) - normal

Serum Free T4 Level - 15 pmol/L (9 - 22.70)

Serum TSH Level - 3.09 mu/L (0.35 - 5.5)

On 23rd November when I first had them done it just says

Se thyroid peroxidase Ab conc - (IDG848) - in keeping with autoimmune thyroid disease - 213 iu/mL (0.00 - 60.00)

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If you still feel unwell you should be able to take enough levo to get your tsh a bit lower and see if you feel better. Some people don't feel well until their tsh is under 1, but in any case 3 is too high if you're on treatment.

Your current dose is really a starting dose. Most people need more than that. Can you ask for an increase?


I did, the GP said I didn't need more, that my results were now normal and I should continue on my current dosage. Thing is, I don't really feel ill - I'm sluggish and tired and cold, but that's all, and I always feel like that! Thank you for responding :)


That is not strictly true, it is 'normal' because it is within the range but you're not just any old punter, you're hypo on treatment, so the tsh should be lower. The Dr Toft book says that some only feel better when tsh is under 1. It is not 'one size fits all'.

The way you always feel sounds like you have had hypothyroid symptoms for a long time. Not everyone feels desperately unwell (so much better if you don't!), but feeling sluggish and cold are very common symptoms.


sorry those results are not normal at all

tsh should be 1.0 or below

free t4 should be more like 19 or 20

email for a cooy of Pulse article written for GPs


In regards to the T3 - GPs, nurse practitioners, consultant endos and other doctors can ask for it to be tested but labs can and often refuse to do so. Though in your case the nurse probably had no idea what the individual thyroid hormones were being tested. Anyway the labs don't test it under the NHS unless the they see something very wrong with the TSH and T4 levels, or the doctor asks a few times for it to be tested with an explanation why. This is due to the guidelines the labs have to work under for the NHS. Lab technicians btw are highly educated often more than the medical professionals treating you.


You could up meds a bit as ideally TSH should be under 1 for us to feel well.

You also have Hashimotos Thyroditis so it's auto immune, your body is attacking the thyroid.

You will feel better and control the antibodies (hopefully) by avoiding gluten, dairy and soy.

Also gut gut bacteria checked. A huge link with Epstein Barr virus, h pylori, CIBO etc...

Research leaky gut.

Chris Kresser website is good.

Dr Datis Khazzarian books are brilliant for explaining Hashimotos.

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Also you could get proper testing with bluehorizonmedicals

Thiroyd plus 11, 12 or 15 are all great tests, then go back to GP with results. Although I seriously would find a different one as that one is a complete moron!


Thank you all! So.... if I upped my dose myself to 75mcg would I put myself in any danger? I'm guessing not. And would the doctor guess as obviously as my tablets are 50 I will get through my prescription quicker and need a repeat sooner...

I've got private health care so I might seek out an endo as my GP has effectively signed me off for a year, can't hurt, right? Any recommendations? I'm based near The Spire, Bushey.

Thank you again :)


PS He never mentioned Hashimotos - how would I know I have that then? Knowledge is power, right?!


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