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Shall I raise NDT ?

Hi , my latest results are quite low in range & wonder if I need to raise my dose?

T4 9.9 (10.0-19.8) and

T3 5.2 ( 3.5-6.5)

I'm on 2 grains wp thyroid plus 10 MCG liothyronine in afternoons.

Recently ( few months ago ) started trial of hrt so also wonder if that could be affecting my dose. Still lacking energy , stamina , often feel weak and shaky and have terrible tinnitus which comes & goes.

Any advice appreciated.

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FT4 is often low when patients are taking NDT and T3 because there is no need for high T4 when T3 is obtained direct. FT3 5.2 isn't low. If you still feel hypo then there is scope to increase your NDT or T3 dose. Some members report a worsening of tinnitus when they increase T3 dose and improvement when they reduce T3.


Thanks Clutter , yes I have a feeling the T3 does make tinnitus worse & thought I may have read that here before . If I try an increase may be better to do the NDT then .



Bear in mind there is T3 in NDT too!



Does this mean that there is no real reason to increase NDT based on low FT4 readings, and that you should count on your FT3 levels being +/- 20% higher on the previous day if you leave 24 h between taking your meds and going to the lab...?





No need to raise NDT because FT4 is low. If you add 20% to your FT3 result after leaving 24 hours between last dose and blood draw that should be a reasonable estimate of your normal circulating FT3.


I was told by audiologist that some tinnitus can be caused by throat or soft palette problems. Mine has reduced with T3 (and extra magnesium and B12).

I would expect free T4 to be low if you are taking anything containing T3. Your FT3 is OK.

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