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NDT raising blood pressure ?

I posted a little while back with my blood test from Blue horizon . My TSH is suppressed my T3 has raised from around 3.4 to 5.6. Though my T4 is in mid range . I take 1.5 grains of Nature Throid daily . My blood pressure has always been normal . It seems it is now very high normal . I'm assuming the T3 is causing this ,my pulse is slightly faster ( still around 60 on rest ) but I have not had any racing ./palpitations .My question is should I take a little less i.e. 1.25 grains would it help , incedently I felt quite well on 1 grain though my bloods said TSH was 3.4.thanks Val

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You aren't over medicated if FT3 5.6 is within range and pulse 60 is low normal. We should take the minimum dose it takes to make us feel well so yes, it would be a good idea to reduce dose and see whether blood pressure improves. Any thyroid medication can raise blood pressure, not just NDT :(


Thankyou for your reply ,,, yes I don't feel over medicated ,I feel pretty good actually , there is always a trade off it seems . !!I'll reduce by a quarter and see if it makes a difference ...thanks again Val

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