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Hi it's been a while since I posted,when I was on holiday in Greece I bought t3 I'm now running low could someone pm me so I can order it online from a reputable supplier.


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I connot answer your question but am interested to know how you are getting on with it?


Hi wonder if you have time for a chat your the nearest person to me and I would love someone to understand my symptons and what happens with taking the meds getting a lot of conflicting feed back just want a normal conversation not ready to compare blood tests and numbers as don't understand them yet so just a normal blether would be great sorry my names mary and live 8 miles away lol thanks


Hi Mary I would be more than happy to meet up with you,I'm not that clued up about blood tests results either but we could have a chat,if you private message me we can arrange something.


Hi don't know how to private mail don't very much do l lol is there a separate reply section that you use or do you just msil from here


Does anyone know if a certain Greek T3 supplier is still supplying? If you know who I mean, will you PM me and not mention here? Had a friend who ordered about two months ago and hasn't received anything yet. So I am wondering what the issue is with them. Thanks!


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