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Food gets stuck when eating!

Hi, I'm new here! I was having real problems with food getting stuck when eating? I have an endoscopy and was diagnosed with a hyatus hernia? Inwas really surprised as I never get heartburn! I then read about betaine hydrochloric acid 325mg pepsin 59mg, tried one tablet with my breakfast, lunch and dinner and have not had any more food getting stuck and my stomach is not bloated? i take it at the beginning of a meal, is that ok? I'm wondering if i need more or less. I'm confused by the test that is recommended does it mean start with one, then increase at the same meal or have another on at another meal?

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You can take it at the beginning or during a meal. I have found them very helpful. Few doctors know or are aware that hypo patients have low stomach acid usually because the symptoms are so similar to high acid doctors prescribe antacids which do nothing for us.

If we are hypo we have low acid and acid i needed to dissolve food we eat, otherwise the food which isn't dissolved properly can cause us more problems which we can well do without.

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Thank you, my GP gives me omeprazole to protect my stomach from medication i need to take? I'm much bettr taking HCA!


Yes I would stick with HCA! Read up about PPI's! They reduce our already reduced stomach acid so changes are you aren't getting the full benefits from both your food and medication. If you decide to come off it then you need to be weened off it


The PPI you are taking prevents good uptake of B12 - which if low and untreated can lead to neurological damage.

Do you know your B12 level ?


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