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Dry mouth and throat. Food getting stuck in throat

Hi I'm new here and this is my first post and I was wondering if anyone else has the same symptons. Doctors think it is because of acid from my lax reflux valve but after reading that other people experiences, I'm not so sure. I've been on levothyroxine for a year now, but the problem started in the last 4 months. I'm wondering if it's the band I'm on. Unfortunately I don't know what brand I've always taken only that i'm currently taking Actavis and Wockhardt.

Many thanks

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Ask your pharmacist what make of Levothyroxine you were taking during the 8 months prior to developing the dry mouth and throat. If it is different to Actavis and Wockhardt you can ask the pharmacist to switch you back to the original make.


Many thanks for the quick reply. I will certainly do this


As per Clutter's response, see if your brand has changed. If it's not that, and you can't think of any other recent changes (including toothpaste or mouthwash) that might be contributing to the dry mouth this NHS article suggests other possible contributions to a dry mouth including a blocked nose (more mouth breathing), using antihistamines etc.: nhs.uk/conditions/dry-mouth...

Maybe check out the symptoms of Sjögren's Syndrome (another autoimmune condition that typically presents with dry mouth and dry eyes) to see if it's something else altogether?



Thanks for the reply. I've just seen ENT consultant who said it is inflamed behind the vocal chords and has upped my dose for acid reflux. I was happy with that, and still can't rule that out, until I read about some other people developing symptons the same as me from different brands of Levothyroxine.


Hi. I don't want to panic you, but have you told GP that food is getting stuck? I know someone with that symptom, and was treated for indigestion, heart burn etc. It turned out to be esophagus cancer. It's an unusual one, so suggest it to GP. It needs a camera down your throat to have a look. I hope I'm wrong, but it's worth checking if GP hasn't already thought of it.


Many thanks. I've just had the camera test and barium meal test and thankfully everything is good

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Oh, I'm sooo pleased for you on that count.


If your dose isn't high enough and Thyroid is struggling to work, this can make throat tight due to thyroid swelling.

What were you most recent blood test results?

Have you had thyroid antibodies tested too


Many thanks. My bloods were tested 3 weeks ago and everthing was fine


Would suggest you add them to your post

What a GP says is "fine" is not always true with thyroid

TSH should be under one in most cases, FT4 near top of range and FT3 above halfway in range.

Also is on PPI for acid reflux this medication can really affect thyroxine uptake

Lots of posts on here about acid reflux being low acid

You can put a separate post just asking about this



Hi Sue I started with the same problem on Christmas Day, choking on my food and having problems swallowing. Visited the doctor after a couple of months because of dry mouth and throat and sometimes choking on my food. Blood results shown that I had Sjogrens syndrome - dry mouth, throat, eyes. I'm being treated for hyperthyroidism, systemic lupus plus I'm coeliac, all auto-immune diseases. No treatment was offered other than artificial saliva, which only helps for a few minutes. I had a CT scan on Wednesday on my thyroid, neck and saliva glands, but won't get any results for 6 weeks - no rush there then ! Hope this helps.


Just to put it out there, sjogrens helpline if you Google, BSSA British Sjogrens Syndrome Association. I was, diagnosed last year, BSSA are a great organisation. Well worth joining, in my opinion.

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