Out of curiosity, do you eat food made of blood?

Just curious, over here in Finland eating food from blood is quite common and it is the best way to restore iron levels, of course. I have not eaten food made of blood for a while as it is either pancake type of food or sausages which contain gluten, if gluten free then rice or corn which I am highly intolerant to. Been thinking about making my own pancakes from blood like my mom does. Those are so good with butter and lingonberries.

Food made of blood seems to be tolerated better than iron supplements, tho naturally if you eat too much and you might get diarrhea :D

Another thing is liver, some people in Finland say it is the best thing if you have adrenal fatigue. Naturally because of high levels of vitamin A , one cant eat liver too often. But that is what they say was the last missing piece of proper healing.

How far you would go or could go to eat yourself healthy?

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  • Hi Justiina,

    I love raw black pudding, it's made from pigs blood with fatty bits .


  • Does not sound so tempting :D but if I had grown up eating that way I could think otherwise!

  • In Scotland we have Black Pudding (although it is a savoury). I don't have mine raw like Jose651. I have it cooked with other breakfast items.

    I do eat meat as well.

  • I think we have something like that too which is my least favourite of food made of blood. But oh well sometimes you have to grow a pair and eat whatever is best for your health !

  • My gt. Grandma had pernicious anaemia and used to eat raw liver. That was before b12 injections. I have PA too and if I had to eat it to stay alive I would. Food for thought as they say 😀

  • Raw liver sounds so nasty but yeah I would eat it too. I guess you would get used to it!

  • My mother also had P.A. Luckily she didn't have to eat raw liver. Might have been o.k. taking that as her doctor told her that her bloods were now fine she didn't need any more injections.

    I don't need to explain what the consequences were.

  • Growing up in the 70s we had liver quite a lot maybe every 2 weeks ... with onions and gravy it was a 70s staple. Now I swing between vegetarian and vegan but if going back to liver and onions made me feel better than I currently do id definitely do it.

  • Justiina, I eat liver once a week and occasionally eat blackpudding. I don't eat eat either raw.

  • Liver is eaten much less than fifty years ago .It is years since i had any , only in the last few years have i had black pudding - a small slice in cooked breakfast when in a hotel. Some butchers add herbs or it is fairly bland tasting.

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