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Hi all

I'm going to do a fingerprick Thyroid blood test in a couple of weeks time whilst on holiday in the UK. Are these two companies about the same in terms of customer satisfaction? Anyone have preferences and if so, why?

Many thanks

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  • I read Blue Horizon mentioned here more often. Details on the main website of Thyroid UK ...

    Thyroid 11 is the most popular one.

    Have a good trip and I will look out for your results 😊

  • thanks Marz! I think I'll stop taking B12 tabs and Vit D tabs now. Just in case it affects the results. Cheers!

  • You would need to stop taking B12 for many months before you would have an accurate reading. I would keep taking them - you will need to be topped up with the travelling :-) VitD the same. When you look at your results do not stop supplementing just because the results are high. I expect you know about taking the test for the thyroid early in the morning after leaving off thyroid meds and fasting.

    Now on PC so can do links :-)

  • Thanks Marz. In that case I'll continue with the B12, Vit D tabs as you suggested. Thanks for the link re fasting etc. Mind u my tabs are an 'el cheapo' B12 cyanocobalamin complex, not the sublingual methycobalamine, so it's not as high a dose. The label says 30 mcg (it's not mg anyway coz there's a strange symbol next to it) And Vit D are 1000iu each. I've been taking taking 5000iu a day for a couple of weeks only.

    So if the results show low levels, then I top up and if they show too high results I reduce?


  • The link above was a Blue Horizon one - the earlier one was to Thyroid UK and not specifically to Blue Horizon.

    Cyanocobalamin is one of many types of B12 and suits many. It has to go through extra processes within the body - more than others that are mentioned.

    Not a good idea to reduce B12 based on results - the level shown in your blood test result is misleading - as only around 20% of the amount in the blood is available to be transported to the cells where it is needed.

  • Thanks for above link :)

  • From the PAS Forum :-)

  • If you take biotin stop that a few days before as apparently it can interfere with lab results. There was a post on her a few days ago about it :)

    I have always been very happy with blue horizon btw

    Don't forget lots of wooly jumpers ;)

    Linda x

  • And a rain coat. :)

  • Biotin can appear in some B Complex tablets or some multivitamins. People might not necessarily know they are taking it so everyone should check carefully.

    It should be stopped for about 5 days to clear it out of the system before testing. It can be re-started after the testing.

    Some testing machines use biotin in their testing process. If the sample being tested also contains higher than normal doses of biotin then results may be screwed up.

  • Both Blue Horizon and Medichecks use the same lab. Medichecks can be a bit cheaper for some tests. Blue Horizon makes a donation to ThyroidUK for every test they carry out for members, Medichecks don't. Both are equal for customer satisfaction.

  • Blue Horizon don't always use "The Doctors laboratory".

    I bought a Thyroid test during a Paypal special offer and they used a lab called "County Pathology".

  • Medichecks also use the County Pathology lab in my experience :)

  • SimonA87 I have done many tests with Blue Horizon, from full bundles (Plus 11) to the basic Plus 3 and everyone of them have been done by County Pathology.

    If you Google County Pathology you will see they are an accredited lab and they are registered with the Care Quality Commission. I don't see a problem with them.

  • I don't have a problem with them but every other test I've ordered from Blue Horizon was sent to The Doctor's Lab and I wondered why the change.

    Every thyroid test I've ordered from Medichecks has gone to The Doctor's Lab.

  • I've done tests with Medichecks as well, and they've been done with County Pathology. Never had any of my tests done with The Doctor's Lab. I have no idea why but if they use multiple labs maybe it's to do with spreading the business around.

  • I think Medichecks and BH use County Pathology for the more expensive tests that check thyroid antibodies. For the basic thyroid tests without antibodies, it seems to be the Doctors Lab.

    I guess for me I'd prefer everything to come from the same lab because there must be some difference in the equipment used and some minor difference in measurement. I am trying to track my thyroid function over time so it is important for me to keep the testing conditions identical.

  • All my Blue Horizon tests have had a County Pathology return envelope, I've had the basic Thyroid plus Three two or three times, and the Thyroid Plus Ten, and Plus Eleven a couple of times.

    I now stick with Blue Horizon because I prefer their lancets, they seem to work better, and their new microtainers have a nifty little lip on the side to help get the blood into the tube.

  • Good to know, I did a Medichecks antibody test this morning that went to County Pathology. They do now have that lip on the microtainer and the packaging has recently changed.

  • That's interesting that Medichecks now have the improved microtainer. Did you find it useful, easier than the old microtainer with the straight sides?

    Are they using the blue and white lancets that BH use, or are they still using the white ones with the round purple top, I found them to be pretty naff.

  • Yeah, it's easier using this new microtainer, one less thing to worry about. They still use the round purple lancet, it's okay but sometimes it doesn't make a good enough cut unless I push it harder onto the skin.

    I think the BH lancet is perhaps a bit more powerful though I can't remember clearly.

  • thank you everyone for your input. I'll go with Blue Horizon.

  • I've always used Blue horizon and am very happy with them.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Just to clarify, both ourselves and Medichecks use TDL and County Pathology. Both are accredited laboratories and are used by the NHS.

    Many thanks,


  • I contacted Blue Horizon about the biotin issue regarding a County Pathology Thyroid+11 test I had bought from them but had not yet used.

    I asked if biotin was used in this test, explaining that if it was I would lay off for a while before using the test as apparently excess biotin in the sample could cause a problem. Blue Horizon contacted County Pathology and told me "You are correct and we would recommend that you stop taking supplementation for 24 hours prior to testing." (I had made no mention of my biotin dose.)

    So County Pathology obviously use biotin in this test. Full marks to Blue Horizon for being helpful.

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