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Blue Horizon

Hi all, old member that forgot her details after I was logged out.

So ordered a test, sent it off Wednesday, (I think...) with a next day silver envelope. Just wanted to check if it had arrived (sorry, also forgot to take a note of the tracking number. Can you see why I tested now - brain fog gone wild...). Had a very disappointing "chat" with a CSR who told me to check back on TUESDAY.

Is there any way of finding out. HIt a wall and brain fog not helping.

thanks x Feralslipper

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Just to clarify, I sent it off Wednesday.

I just can't remember if it was for next day delivery. x



I would expect you to have your results back before Tuesday unless you ordered rT3. Send a message to Paul at Blue Horizon to see if he can help you healthunlocked.com/user/blu...

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Ah, thank you so much Clutter. I will do that. x


If the silver envelope was Special Delivery Guaranteed Next Day by 1pm then you would have handed it over the counter at the Post office and the counter clerk would have given you a receipt with the tracking number on, you wouldn't have had to make a note of it. Do you have a receipt?

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I gave it to my mum to post straight into the postbox as I couldn't get out. Live and learn :0)

Paul is being an absolute star and is looking into it for me.

Thanks SS x


Just want to say that Paul was amazing and made quick work of sorting this out for me.

Thank you so much Paul.


Always happy to help Feralslipper!

Have a great weekend,

Paul 😊

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