Can I ask does anyone take a combined pill and thyroxine?

I've been on the combined pill loestrin 20 for 4 years. I started it as I'd had heavy periods all my life but they became very heavy in 2010 and I struggled for 2 years with horrific mid cycle pain. Horrific long periods that caused flooding. I was struggling and terrified to stand up as I'd feel a gush (sorry too much info). My gp suggested the pill and I refused at first but after my nan passed I decided to do something to get my life back. My gp said I was heading for a blood transfusion as my ferritin was 8 and iron reducing. So I did it and agreed to a low dose pill, loestrin 20.

It's changed my life, no pain and bleeding is minimal. I'm 37 and worry should I still be taking it. My gp says it's fine as I'm no risk. I don't smoke, my bmi is 22 and I am in no at risk categories. Me being a worrier I wonder if it's ok to be on this pill and having a thyroid issue so I just wondered does anyone else take a contraceptive pill and take thyroxine or have a thyroid condition and does it cause any issues?

Thank you.


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  • IMPORTANT for all us women !!!!!!!!! to consider !!!!!!!!! with the pill

    I had to use a natural method of contraception. As the older you get, the more risk of Certain cancers occur with a contraceptive pill. Will they tell you this, NO? Don't leave your health to the doctor alone. Whenever possible take control or they will have us shaking junkies on prescription meds.

    I found research years ago, because of mind fog of thyroid can not give the resource I found. I do remember reading on the medical research and studies, the official outcomes of medications. It stated that there were several contraindications never to mix levothyroxine with anything. As we know our lives are affected, emotions and a whole lot more to boot.

    A doctor makes the decisions to give extra meds, without this knowledge and or experience or giving a hoot how our lives are affected. My opinion is he still gets his pay at the end of the month and its way above his pay grade to give a monkies about our lives. My living experience of multiple issues with prescription meds. Been offered morphine often, so would you think with this NADS on my medical record they give a hoot. Not likely. The chemist keeps giving me a mixed bunch of Eltroxin and the generic form in one month.

  • Thank you for your reply.

  • Your period problems could be due to your hypothyroidism. So you have to ensure you are on an optimum of thyroid hormones or even the addition of some T3 to your T4. It is very common in hypothyroidism and is a clinical symptom. (doctors know none it appears and I wouldn't expect them to know 300 but they should be aware of the most common).

  • It's only now with hindsight that I realise that my heavy and painful periods (going back 7/8 years ago) were perhaps an early sign of thyroid issues - I was prescribed Tranexamic and Mefanamic acid at the time. Many other symptoms developed over the following years which I put down to peri-meno. Again was probably thyroid.

  • Probably right and it's due to the reliance upon the TSH alone and ignorance of clinical symptoms and people have to endure these problems instead of prescribing thyroid hormones or have ops which may have been unnecessary..

  • I'd always had heavy periods. Since a very young age. They could have worsened due to my thyroid but they've been fine on the pill.

  • I've also had this problem since my teens but I've resisted taking the pill or anything else. My Ferritin was as low as 11. In the last 6 months I've radically altered my diet by going gluten free and having protein, vegetables and a good source of fat with every meal. I'm also taking magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D3 and recently selenium. I also had an iron infusion in November and when tested this month my Ferritin is now 150 but I'm not sure how long that will last but it does improve Ferritin. I've noticed that my heavy periods have improved slightly since starting the diet. However, I still suffer from flooding sometimes and now for some reason my periods are getting more painful. I'm going to try taking T3 soon. I'm hoping it will improve some aspect of my health. Fingers crossed.

  • Thank you.

    My ferritin was as low as 8 and I felt awful. I'm dont want to go back to that just yet by coming off it. My ferritin has only got up to 49 as it is.

    I've increased my vitamins and I'm eating well. I hope once on the right dose of thyroxine I can stop the pill.

    I hope your heavy periods improve. It's horrible.

  • My heavy periods completely rule my life. Not only that I can never predict when they'll start as my cycle varies from 26 to 36 days. In the past it's been as early as 21 days and also as late as 39 days. I also feel faint and even more exhausted as usual. It's crazy how GPs are so quick to hand out all sorts of medicines but ignore the thyroid. In my case my GP wants to also put me on statins and I'm under 40!

    For you it might be a case of different thyroid medication depending on Free T3, Free T4 and TSH results. This could mean taking something else other than Levothyroxine but I haven't even started that journey yet so I'm not best placed to advise you.

    Thanks and all the best to you too.

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