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Is coming of the combined pill a good idea?

I went on the pill Loestrin 20 to help my heavy periods 4 years ago. My periods were always heavy and painful but suddenly became extremely heavy and I'd get midcycle spotting and agony during ovulation. I was sent to gynae, had a scan and was told all was clear other than a slightly enlarged womb but they weren't at all concerned. Their advice was to try a low dose pill. I had my concerns as I was scared of the side effects. I fear DVT, breast cancer like I am sure most women do before starting it. I was told it would give me my life back so reluctantly I agreed.

Well it changed my life in that regard, I have had very light pain free periods since and it's been a blessing. Last month was my second bleed since being on thyroxine and my period was very very light, if you'd even call it a period. I had a horrible headache and anxiety. I felt awful. I am due again today and no sign. I am not pregnant lol!

I am coming up to 37 this month. I had my BP checked 2 weeks ago and I have nice low bp and I am not overweight. My GP told me I was fine to stay on the pill as it's low dose and I am not in any risk category. I have found my anxiety increasing though now I am getting older about the risk with breast cancer, my GP tells me the increased risk is slim but it plays on my mind alot and I dread checking myself. I have found a few fatty lumps in the last year and had them checked out. It just made me think do I really want to be off it. I just can't decide whether it will make matters worse as my ferritin was rock bottom at 8 when I had heavy periods and my GP thought the periods were the cause. Do I really want to go back to the flooding periods and pain when right now I am feeling very ill with an underactive thyroid.

I am just wondering whether anyone found coming off the pill beneficial to their thyroid?

Also if anyone has time could they please see my post about Hypothyroidism causing CFS type symptoms. I didn't get any replies so it may have been over looked, or noone can relate.

Thank you


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I sympathise with you, heavy prolonged periods are just the pits but they can be a result of an under active thyroid. I had the same problem about 5/6 years ago and after an internal scan they could find no reason or cause. Gp had already tested TSH (over range) without me knowing and hadn't made connection to hypothyroidism. Took a further two years for that to happen.

Gynae suggested a coil or an ablation but neither appealed so I asked gp if I could go back on the 3 monthly depo injection which normally stops my bleeding. He agreed and since then I've had no problems or bleeding. Unfortunately it doesn't suit everybody and any side effects can be with you for at least 3 months.

With regards to CFS type symptoms, head over to Thyroid UK website where there is a full list of symptoms that thyroid problems can cause. I was gob smacked when saw it. Here's the link. There is also so much more useful infoon the site.


Your ferritin is very low, are you supplementing this as it needs to be much higher.

Are you due for a blood test? Could gp check your ferritin again along with your thyroid levels and maybe add in b12, folate and vit d.



I am sorry to hear you are having all these problems.

Both the thyroid gland and menstrual cycle are linked within the endocrine system (this system controls the distribution of hormones). Hypothyroidism leads to low levels of hormones which you have as your other post shows a rising TSH.

The ovaries and uterus need proper amounts of thyroid hormone as much as any other organ or system and low levels can lead to heavy and painful periods, as well as messed up cycles, interfering with ovulation and the luteal phase.

Low thyroid hormone will also compromise the adrenal glands that secrete cortisol during times of physical or emotional stress (you have both as described huge anxiety in another post). Prolonged cortisol elevations will decrease the liver’s ability to clear excess oestrogen's from the blood.

Excess oestrogen increases levels of thyroid TBG, (the proteins that thyroid hormone is attached to as it’s transported through the body). When thyroid hormone is bound to TBG, it is inactive (as must be cleaved from TBG to become “free-fraction” before it can activate cellular receptors).

Cortisol should balance DHEA and when one becomes compromised the other will elevate. A decrease in serum DHEA levels will effect oestrogen levels as is the precursor.

You may find as I did, once thyroid hormone raise to a decent level, your periods will improve. I always found any form of the Pill made me very sick.

This link is for women with Hashimotos which I assume you have not yet been tested for yet but is excellent for explaining the intricacies of how thyroid hormones and periods are connected.

Re other post, years & years of undiagnosed hypothyroidism can cause CFS symptoms but remember CFS is not a proper diagnosis as just a condition for a collection of symptoms doctors can not find an answer to. All your symptoms could be attributed to low thyroid hormone.


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Thank you.

I dont have hashimotos. I've had 3 tests. I also have good b12 now. It wss 212 and now 1070. D3 is 70 ish. Ferritin was low at 15 now 49.

I've not had my adrenals tested and I don't want to throw another test into the mix. Also my gp has never suggested it and I dont want to diagnose myself with something else as my anxiety is bad enough.

Thank you for replying to me.


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The link applies to women like yourself with low thyroid hormone, regardless of a Hashi diagnosis or not.

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Thank you. I shall have a read 😊


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