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High Liver Tests

Hi all, had my liver function tests done a couple of weeks ago because of my very high ferritin level. Ferritin is 322.2mcg/L (20-150) done by BH and LFTs done by my own doctor are ALT 212 IU/L (0-60), ALP 143 IU/L (46-116), GGT 55 IU/L (0-40). 1 am taking 75mcg levothyroxine and 17.5mcg liothyronine each day. I have read that Levo taken alone can cause high serum liver test levels and that to reduce them you come off T4 for a month or so then start taking T3 only and the levels can stay down. Does this suggest that I should be on T3 only? I wondered if I just came off T4 and increased T3 to compensate then my serum liver enzyme levels might reduce. I would not want to stop taking hormone for any length of time. Anyone got any thoughts on this?

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What does your GP say about the liver results?

I've never heard of Levothyroxine elevating liver enzymes. Where did you hear it?


She's sending me for an ultrasonic screen and has ordered more blood tests. I feel she is eliminating all she can first before I have to see an expert.

I read a couple of papers from Japan on liver injury induced by levothyroxine - Kawakami T et al Intern Med 2007 and another by Ohmori M et al Endocr J. 1999. The patients might have been allergic or hypersensitive.

My Doc didn't seem to think Levo was the cause of the raised levels.

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Do you take any supplements/multi-vitamins which contain iron? If you do you need to stop them immediately.

There are quite a few different causes of high ferritin. Has your doctor carried out thorough iron testing as well as liver tests? Look at the table at the bottom of this link :

It is essential that your doctor correctly identifies cause and effect. For example, are your liver problems a cause of the high ferritin? Or is the high ferritin a cause of the liver damage?

Some links :

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I do not take any supplements containing iron and my Doctor is now testing me for hepatitis and a load of other things. She has contacted the hospital re an ultrasonic screen and according to results I believe she will make an appointment with a Liver expert. I have read the links and can see there are many things to consider. Thanks for your interest.


Good luck, and I hope anything that is wrong is easy to fix or manage. :)


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