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After a visit to my endo yesterday, the end result was await results of latest blood tests first but the addition of some T 3 may now be necessary.

She said T3 is expensive and not all doctors will prescribe it. She can prescribe it but not all chemists will issue it. She pulled a face when I said I live in Derbyshire so I guess that means I live in an area where I will struggle to get it.


How does one get this elusive T3?

If buying from abroad, how can you presume it's legit?

Do I tell doc this is what I am taking even if not prescribed in this country??

I know I'm not even on it yet but feel so close to achieving full health and really feel this could be the last piece of the jigsaw for me. Any advice on getting T3 with a prescription would be greatly appreciated xx

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  • Hi debsy. Do you mean without a script?

    I've not ordered it myself (yet) but there are a couple of places that have been recommended to me. If you want these I'll pm them to you. If it's with a script, any chemist can get it, it seems to be more of a case of not knowing where to. There is a full list of where they can source it on the main TUK site

  • Thanks Harry. I'm assuming I will have a script and judging by helpful further replies, it isn't difficult to get it if you have a script. If you wouldn't mind messaging me the places you have been made aware of, that you be great (just in case), many thanks

  • Sent x

  • I've had mine from Superdrug and my local pharmacist.. I am sure Boots would also supply

  • I live in nearby Notts. and at the moment my GP does prescribe. I've been checking online just in case this changes,though,and there does seem to be quite a few US pharmacies who sell Cytomel,their brand-named T3. I haven't tried to buy T3 but I can say that I have bought melatonin from the US and had no problems other than the ridiculous UK import costs (last time it cost me £33 on top of the £18 cost of the hormone itself) I only bought that because our GPs here in Notts are not allowed to prescribe it,despite my consultant asking!

  • Cytomel is just one brand name for the liothyronine made by Pfizer (formerly King). There are at least two other USA makes - Paddock and Mylan.

    Because Cytomel is the best known name (far better known than liothyronine), we see people everywhere talking/writing/advertising "Cytomel" even when they are obviously talking about another make. The second-best known brand is probably Cynomel but that is confusing as there are (at least) two companies that use this name - Sanofi in Europe and Grossman in Mexico.

    Genuine USA Cytomel is expensive.

    Quite a number of people actually prefer Grossman Cynomel.


  • Thanks mumcat. Did you get nervous taking medication you had bought online? I'm worried if it does come to that as I'd panic about what I was putting in my body!

  • I had got to the point where I'd take anything to get to sleep, but I have peculiar reactions to classic sleeping meds (and opiates like tramadol) They all make me hyperactive...My once-a-year endo in Sheffield prescribed melatonin, but because of my area's health policies,I can't get repeats from my GP. She (GP) told me of a very reputable melatonin brand called Puritan's Pride. It's easy to obtain too! No problems from the tabs so far.

  • I bought Puritan's Pride melatonin 3mg pills some time ago. I found I couldn't tolerate a whole pill because they gave me a massive headache (I'm prone to headaches anyway). I discovered that if I cut the pills into 3 or 4 parts I can get off to sleep with just one bit of a pill taken about 10 minutes before I turn my light off.

    My main gripe is that the pills are almost impossible to cut without crushing them, and there is absolutely no chance of being precise with the amount I take because when they do break the bits are all different sizes.

    But they do the job I bought them for, and they were not expensive, so I can't complain too much. :)

  • I just take it to Boots, no problem. Do you have one nearby?

  • Yes! There are plenty of large Boots around here. I had no idea it was that easy. From all I have read, I got the impression that T3 was really hard to come by. Thanks for putting my mind at rest

  • I got mine from the pharmacy at Tesco. I think it's mainly hard to get a script, not to get the actual t3 itself. You could always ring round your local pharmacies and ask if they stock it and if not if they'd order it in.

  • What's hard to come by is being given a prescription for it.

  • Let's hope my endo can persuade my GP to oblige!!

  • There is a french manufacture (Sanofi, I think) that produce liothyronine much more cheaply. I seem to remember it is something like Sanofi Aventis Cynomel. It might be worth doing a search on it. It is about £30 per 28 tablets (compared with over £100!) Your doctor can prescribe it on a named patient basis stating that it is for hypothyroidism. He will need to specify the exact brand and name. The pharmacy can then import it through their importers.

    Other than that, you could purchase from abroad at about £15 per 100 tablets if your endo is happy for you to be taking it. You could then tell him what exactly you are taking and even show him the bottle.

    Carolyn x

  • Thanks Carolyn. I wouldn't take it unless the endo thought it necessary. I'm feeling so much better when I compare myself to a year ago and to be honest, I'm actually frightened to "try" anything else to attempt to get me back to 100% health because I'm now able to lead a fairly normal life even if it is at 85% of what I used to be. I'm trusting this endo as she has bit me to this place so I'll await the latest blood results (iron, vitD) and if these are optimal then I'll do as she says and try a little T3, otherwise I'll keep taking the supplements x

  • I live just over the border from north east derbyshire bur work in derbyshire-and you can get it from Lloyds pharmacy, Boots, and Sainsbury's. Never had problem getting the T3 -it was when I moved to a natural desiccated thyroid that I had to start going to a specific pharmacy who buy it in specially for me.....

  • Great, thank you x

  • I live in Derbyshire, have never had a problem getting T3 with a prescription. I usually get mine from Manor Pharmacy which is next door to my Doctors surgery

  • Hi Esme

    Does your GP prescribe your T3?

  • Hi Debsydoorknocker, I bought myself copious supplies in Greece a few weeks ago, friend lives there, I stay with her, so if ever I run out, which I won't, she'll send me some over. I go over twice a year, my Free T3 is 3.7, so under the lowest of 4-8.3, but as I have said, the head Endo at Newcastle will never ever prescribe it to anyone, so if u live in the Newcastle area, tough!!

    Worth a quick trip to sunny Greece to get your life back, don't u think, I certainly feel alive now, and not in a vegetative state, work eat sleep, even after 10 of sleep, still felt drained, what a life, they condemn us to, arrogant lot!!

    BTW cost is 1euro 16 cents for a pack of 28 tabs of 25mcg, so why do they say that it is expensive, and that is from a chemist!!

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