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On NDT but a few symptoms returning

I began taking Thyroid S at the beginning of November. I followed the STTM protocol so I've taken....

1 grain for 12 days

1.5 grains for 12 days

2 grains for 46 days

GP then did 'full thyroid test' which was TSH & FT4, which I realise misses the important FT3. My TSH had dropped from 4.66 to <0.03, a slight increase in my FT4 from 16.22 (12-22) to 12.7 (10-20).

I felt that I needed a slight increase so I've now been on 2.5 grains for 2 weeks.

However, my nails are stating to break again, I'm getting a fair few boil/cyst like spots & my voice keeps breaking like I have a sore throat. These symptoms had subsided but have started to return. Anybody know why this may happen?

All my vits were optimal before I started NDT, but they could have changed in the last 3 months.

I realise that without FT3 its hard to know what's really happening. So I'm going to pay for some BH tests. Would you do them now or when I've been on this dose for a few more weeks?

Any advice would be very gratefully received.

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Usually when starting NdT we start on the lower dose and can increase every week or so by a 1/4 tablet until you feel well. I'd try increasing your dose. I also know how disappointing it feels when it's not working as we expect.

Also it normally takes more than three or four months. In actual fact it took me about six or seven years trying different combinations/ndt etc etc. I am now well but we have to persevere. I tried several NDTs as sometimes its the fillers/binders that may affect us.

I think (and am not medically qualified) a small increase woulnd't go amiss.

I'll give another link which may be helpful too.

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Having been on four grains Armour for many years I thought I would try thyroid-s as Armour was getting very expensive. However 4 grains of thyroid-s did not suit me. I had to keep adding T3 and ended up adding as much T3 to the 4 grains thyroid-s as I was when I was taking levothyroxine, so I have gone on to naturethiroyd (sp) which seems to be near Armour. So as Shaws says, it might just be the brand. I believe the same people who sell thyroid-s sell another one called Thyroid (but spelt differently) and I have heard many people have preferred that one.

It does take time though. I think of it like a rain storm on very dry ground. If there is one major downpour the water just runs away. However a constant drizzle finally soaks the ground but it takes time. Then as the ground gets more spongy it will take more water and be just right.

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