Letter from Dr to go in for TSH test ...taking NDT , he doesn't know ...advice please !

I've not had a test at Dr for a year , to save questions I've still been drawing my Levo prescription while I have even trying Nature Throid . I feel very well taking 1.75 grains for about 10 months . My TSH is now suppressed .....how do I handle this without upsetting Dr ,but protecting my good quality of life ?

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I wouldn't bother saying anything until or if he makes the first step.

They only do a TSH and T4 usually so leave 24 hours between your last dose of NDT and the test and take afterwards. It should be the earliest possible and fasting.

If GP wants to see you then you can tell him and despite the untrue statements by the BTA many on this forum do take or source NDT themselves.


The fact that you feel much better and your life has improved with lots of benefits you can tell him you will not change back to levo.

Thankyou , yes I think I'll have the test and see what he says first . It's my body . Is there no research that NDT low TSH is ok ... I suppose I could get osteoporosis, but my T3 is in range ... should I show him my private blood tests , he poo poo,d it last time ! I always had really high T4 levels and low T3 on Levo .. so much better now 🙂


Osteo or heart problems I believe are just to keep us in line. Maybe we might develop these if our doses are too low or inferior. Dr Lowe wrote a book or article about the Tyranny of the TSH and he was a scientist so knew more than most. His book is out of print but ther are others who believe it is a tyranny:-





"He is also an active critical analyst. This means that he logically analyzes his own thinking and beliefs and those of others to learn whether or not these are accurate and rational. In recent years, drug and medical device corporations have largely co-opted medical research, the medical profession and its institutions, medical practice guidelines committees, and the US Congress. These corporations have essentially turned all of these groups, to varying degrees, into marketing tools for the products of the corporations. This phenomenon is the basis of the statement that the major motive behind science today is economics rather than curiosity and problem solving. This corruption of science has brought about a necessity for patients and clinicians to protect themselves from marketing disguised as scientific findings. Through critical analyses, Dr. Lowe is exposing such marketing disguised as science in the fields of fibromyalgia and thyroidology.

Examples of Dr. Lowe's critical analyses are his critiques of the T4 vs T4/T3 studies; the false and potentially harmful beliefs of the self-proclaimed "real thyroid expert," Dr. Richard Guttler the British Thyroid Associations presentation of selective and false evidence in advocating T4 replacement over treatment with desiccated thyroid; and Dr. Guttler's false claims about natural desiccated thyroid."



Have blood test, no doubt he will want to see you then just tell him. My gp is not thrilled that I self treat with t3 but he still sees me. He couldn't provide any research when I argued about low TSH and any possible dangers. If you really can't tell your gp, face to face, write him/her a letter, that way they have a chance to think and you will know before meeting them that that hurdle has been reached and you can focus on the positive changes that ndt have given you. I suspect your gp will have other patients that self treat and will not be the first. Goodluck.

Yes he probably will have others who are dangerously self medicating ..argh ! Will bite the bullet !

When you say drawing your Levo prescription, do you mean actually getting it from the chemist?

I imagine Val means picking her prescription up from the surgery so that her record shows it's been issued, but not getting it made up at the chemist. A bit of 'insurance' in case NDT doesn't work and she needs to go back on Levo. Not unheard of!

Lets hope so!

Shame people feel they have to do this, makes any stats on Levo totally meaningless and of course all the self diagnosing doesnt appear on the radar either.

Yes that's right , wanted to test out NDT first .

Isn't it terrible the way we have to 'pussy foot' around, so as not to upset our doctors. They're like a bunch of spoiled kids who get upset if they don't get their own way.

They are actually worried about their own careers.

If they have a patient self-medicating in a way they don't understand then if the patient has anything else wrong with them, they may not know about interactions or side effects of other drugs, and don't want to be reprimanded for any serious interactions or side effects they miss.

I've just written this on a similar post from anna69

"I had a similar conversation with mine a few weeks ago. Had to have a blood test to get my b12 injection. Knew my TSH would be suppressed due to NDT/T3 so lots of frantic calls & letters from surgery to make an appointment to see gp. Finally gave in as had to see him regarding another matter.

Was very matter of fact, said I know you wanted to see me about my suppressed TSH but I'm actually here for something completely different so will quickly explain that I'm no longer taking levo as it made me feel sluggish fat and sometimes went to bed feeling like I wouldn't wake up next morning. I I now take a combination t4/t3 tablet and although not perfect I'm getting there. My Ft4 is in range so I'm happy with that (they never test ft3). He didn't say a word about it. I suppose because the difference in me now compared to the dead woman walking, slumped over his desk a year ago is pretty obvious evidence that self medicating is working."

Of course it helps if the last time you saw him you were like a dead woman walking. If I hadn't had to see him about something else I would have just ignored the letters as in my mind he's no longer involved in my thyroid health

Thankyou for your advice ,, yes the last time I went to the Dr was complaining constantly about joint pain and was the case for years ! What can they do , refuse to treat me full stop for anything else . We will see !

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