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Purchasing NDT in UK

Dear all,

I wonder if anyone could give me some advice. I have been purchasing Nature thyroid in the UK via a private prescription from a private GP. I have been using one of the chemists from the Thyroid UK website. I was purchasing Armour but found it too expensive at £100 for 100 tablets so I moved over to the above. I have since been told that the purchase price has now gone up for these tablets from £60 for 100 tablets to £100 for 100 tablets. Does anyone know of anywhere I could buy these cheaper? I take 2 grains per day.

Also reading old and new posts I have seen that some people purchase abroad. Could anyone advise me if you need a private prescription to do this and also how much the costs have been?

Any help would be great, I have recently become unemployed and finding the costs I am paying getting out of control.

All the very best and I hope to hear from you.

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I dealt with Universal Drugstore for years, using their Erfa, after Armour was reformulated. They do require a prescription. You need to be able to get a hard copy of your prescription. They allow you to fill up to 300 tablets at a time. You just scan your prescription into your printer and send a copy (as an attachment) to Universal's email address after you place your order. It sounds a little complicated but they are great folks to work with and have an 800 number or you can contact via email if you need help. Here is a link to their thyroid products page. Ordering is VERY simple.

I strongly suggest that you NOT use their Erfa. Canada changed their mfg facilities from Belgium to Spain and complaints have been rolling in as to the Erfa no longer working for many folks.

ps.... I forgot to mention that your doc can fax a copy of your prescription to Universal Drug. That is how I first got started with them.


Thank you Phoenix, this is helpful. I also didn't know about Erfa problems so thanks too for letting me know about those. I was on Armour for a while and had no problems with it apart from how much the costs were so I switched to Nature Throid.

Thanks again

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Chemist4U sell 1 grain pills for 75p each and free delivery. Ask for a bunch of self addressed envelopes for your scripts to be sent to them and they will send a bunch with your first order.

They are great to deal with too.


Thank you so much Dahi2208. That is really helpful and much cheaper.


you're very welcome. By the way I get a script for 180 at a time from my doctor (God bless him) on a repeat script online and the Chemist4U obligingly send me 60 at a time so that I know they'll be fresh. After a couple of months the pills seem absorb a little atmosphere moisture. There's no charge for normal post and it's worth giving them a fortnights notice to ensure they have your preferred brand and strength.

Also beware of a brand called NP. In my experience they're stronger than other brands and made me feel queer . . . so to speak :)

WP (aka Westhroid) seem good.

Good luck.


Thanks dashi this is really helpful.


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