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New test results, any opinions welcome.

I have very high Thyroglobulin antibodies (1007, with range being to 40) and am very symptomatically hypo but not yet on any treatment..

1st TSH taken at the GP was 3.3 (0.3-5) in December.

TSH taken yesterday has dropped to 2.26 (0.27-4.2) but I feel worse.

These are the FT4 & FT3 results compared between the 2 tests I have done privately - they were with different companies due to cost, so the ranges are different but I have worked out the position in the ranges.


FT4 14.4 (10-22) FT3 3.94 (2.8-6.5) (so in the 36th & 30th percentile respectively)


FT4 13.7 (12-22) FT3 3.8 (3.1-6.8) ( in the 17th & 19th percentiles)

So am I reading this right? That my FT4 & 3 levels are getting worse, even though my TSH appears to have improved?


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At what time were those blood tests? Around the same time of day? That can affect results. Your Ft4 and Ft3 being lower also point to hypo. Don't you find the tsh utterly frustrating?


The 1st TSH was probably about 9.30. The 1st lot of FT3&4 at lunchtime. Yesterday's were taken at about 8am. Yes the TSH is nonsense, especially with antibodies I believe, but I really wanted to make sure I was reading the ft3&4 right. Thanks


I've just remembered that you have antibodies so there's an autoimmune issue which is known to make your tsh swing all of the place. Out of curiousity did you have both tsh tests done fasting or not?

I remember reading somewhere that tsh goes down as the day goes on but ft4 is the other way round. I might be completely wrong though so I'll let the more knowledgeable come along and help you out.

Did you see your gp about the results? If he's anything like mine you'd just be told that it's all in range and to come back in a few months to retest!


None of them were fasting, no. GP is just washing their hands of it as they referred me to endo. But he doesn't want me back for another month! So I'm on my own :-(


So obvious you have Hashimotos. There's absolutely no benefit in delaying treatment. Your TSH is too high, Ft4 & 3 too low. You probably feel really grotty.


I do feel really grotty! Have ordered some NDT in case the docs refuse to do anything again!


I don't blame you Harry E, a lot of us are forced to self treat!


It looks very close but this might interest you:


Thank you. I guess I still do need thyroid hormone even if I am doing everything I can with supplements to support my immune system? Or is that not the case?


In your world, I think that is the best you can hope for. This doctor of functional medicine tries to locate the cause of the autoimmune attack in the first place and treat that. Often leaky gut is the cause. You can try healing that through a whole foods diet outlawing anything artificial, relaxation techniques effective enough to unload stored stress in the hypothalamus and a small amount of aerobic exercise. But in the meantime, yes, thyroid hormone and selenium if TPO.



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