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Confused about blod test results. Advise appreciated!

I've been self medicating the last 3 years for low fT3 including all symptoms of hypothyroidism, but because my TSH always was within ref.range although in the high end, my endo wouldn't start treatment, but my GP was supportive of me self medicating.

The last year I've been on T3 only, 50mcg/day with good results clinically.

Last September I ran out of medicine due to a delivery lost in the post system and I thought it was s good opportunity to have a blood test done without medication.

After 9 days without medicin with all symptoms of hypo returning:

September 21th.16

Vitamin B12.P: 679 pmol/l MIN: 200 MAX: - (FR)

Thyrotropin [TSH].P: 8,69 (0.65-4.8)

FT4,P: 8,4 pmol/l MIN: 12,0 MAX: 22,0

FT3,: 4,2 pmol/l MIN: 3,1 MAX: 6,8 (FR)

Vitamin D;P: 84 nmol/l MIN: 50 MAX: - (FR)

Endo concluded that I do have myxedema, but wanted additional test done without medication

Resumed my T3 medication as usual 50mcg/day until January 1th.17

New test 15 days without medication (all hypo symptoms returned, but later than last time)

January 16th. 17

TSH 4.58 (0.65-4.8)

fT4 9.1 (12-22)

fT3 3.3 (4.1-6.9)

Antibodies negative

Does anyone have an idea of what is going on? Suggestions much appreciated.

I'm going to see the endo soon, but would like to have a little clue of why the change in TSH and fT4, fT3.

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Both tests were taken fasting and at 7 o'cloc am.


I don't understand why you keep stopping your meds (apart from the last delivery) of course your symptoms will return if you stop taking them and of course you are hypo. All sorts of things can interfere with TSH test (for example biotin supplements or antibodies to mice or rabbits - not thyroid) - ignore it and go on FT3, and Ft4 (if off meds). Sound like the endo wants you off T3 and if poss off meds completely - I'd consider running away fast.


The only reason I stopped my medication the last time was because endo wanted to see new tests without medication.

Be sure that if the endo doesn't want to prescribe either a combination of T4 and T3 or preferably Thyroid, I will simply continue self medicating. Period.

I don't take biotin supplements and I have no reason to think I have antibodies to mice or rabbits.


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