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Test results am I overmedicated?


Latest test results:

TSH 0.07 (0.27 - 4.2 mu I/L)

FT3 4.6 (3.1 - 6.8 pmol/L)

FT4 23.8 (12 - pmol/L)

Since 1st June I have been taking 125mg/100mg Levothyroxine alternate days. My previous test results 20th April 2018 were:

TSH 0.03 ( 0.35 - 4.94mu/L)

FT3 4.2 (2.60 - 5.70pmol/L)

FT4 18.5 (9.00 - 19.00ol/L)

Done at a different lab.

I was loosing weight without trying so GP thought best to adjust medication as above.

Any thoughts, interpretation of results would be very helpful.

Thank you.

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Sorry the range for FT4 for recent test should read (12 - 22pmol/L)

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Are you overmedicated - yes and no.

Your FT4 is over range but your FT3 is only 40% through range. The aim of a treated hypo patient generally is for TSH to be 1 or below or wherever it needs to be for FT4 and FT3 to be in the upper part of their respective reference ranges when on Levo if that is where you feel well. What you actually need is a slightly lower dose of Levo and the addition of some T3, that will bring your FT4 down and raise your FT3.

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Many thanks for your suggestion. I will be getting results of Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit rT3 next week which I hope will give a fuller picture of the medication I need. I will post on here when I get it as it is the only place currently where I get good information. The endo I saw at Brighton Sussex Royal hospital was appalling, that is where I had the last blood tests done. She insisted she would only test TSH and T4 but curiously the lab did T3 as well. Now looking for an endo who listen and is civil. My husband was with me and could not believe how bad she was, I was glad he was there.


If we have unexplained weight gain before being diagnosed as hypo, when on thyroid hormone replacements can cause the weight to reduce as our metabolism has been raised with thyroid hormone replacements.

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Thank you Shaws. Even though I have lost weight I am often experiencing hunger. I am also getting bigger round my upper abdomen but my weight is not increasing. Is this due to overmedication, constipation which continues to be one of my main symptoms of Hashimoto’s?

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