Internet Thyroid Seminar by Izabella Wentz

It has come to my attention that Izabella Wentz PharmD (thyroid patient, and author of a couple books on Hashimoto's) has organized a 9-part video series on thyroid treatment. This event is being presented by the company "Thyroid Health Media LLC" of Niwot, Colorado, USA. It begins January 18. You can subscribe at URL "" if you have interest in this sort of thing. I respect what Ms. Wentz is doing, but the caveat here is that there will probably be some commercial messages, and lots of email, thrown at participants.

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  • I know she's popular and I too have her book but there's something about the commercial aspect of this that grates with me, so I won't bother. Who knew the thyroid could be such a money spinner ;0) x

  • I think Izabella Wentz decided to emulate what was done by the producers of "" series.

  • So true about thyroid being a money spinner. I wish I had shares in all the supplements that are constantly being pushed for thyroid patients, and all the GF food companies too!

  • I think all the American functional medicine doctors have books etc to sell, it's just a different model there. But lots of free advice and info on their podcasts and emails and the the good ones are science/evidenced based. I like Mark Hyman and Chris Kressner who trawls through all the research on key subjects and presents a balanced view

  • I know Isabella Wentz isn't an FM doctor but a clinical pharmacist who appears to have trialled and tested all the various protocols which are to be fair pretty similar in some cases

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