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Male Hormone Results

I already posted today regarding my thyroid results and I'm very happy with the fact my Levo appears to be working.

I also asked for some Male Hormones to be tested as I've historically had problems with ED and make next to no progress in the gym:

Oestradiol 128 <192 pmol/L

Testosterone 18.8 7.6 - 31.4 nmol/L

SHBG 44 16 - 55 nmol/L

Free Androgen Index 42.6 24 - 104 Ratio

Free-Testosterone(Calculated) 0.321 0.3 - 1.0 nmol/L

Annoyingly the Free Testosterone was just in range so I couldn't get any comments from a doc but it looks right near the bottom of normal and could explain my symptoms.

Anyone here knowledgable about testosterone and thyroid issues ?

Many thanks !

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This might be helpful. Watch out for any differences in units of measurement when looking at your results and the results given in the document.

If you need to convert from one set of units to another, Google is helpful. Just search for "convert X to Y" and you should be able to find something you can use.

If you decide you might need to supplement then look into bio-identical hormones. There are lots of links dismissing these as "alternative medicine woo". These almost certainly originate from companies selling synthetic hormones which can be patented. Bio-identical hormones can't be patented.

I don't actually know anything about male hormones or sex hormones in general, sorry.

Edit: Aaagh! HU can't handle links with apostrophes in, and it is so annoying!

To find the link above, put the following into Google :

site: testosterone

The link I was trying to give you is the first one that comes up.

Edit 2: helvella fixed my dodgy link, but I'll leave my Edit in place, in case it is useful to someone else.

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How's your DHEA? Cholesterol? Adrenal function? Blood pressure? Do you eat a nutrient dense, preferably Paleo Diet? Do you eat organ meats, preferably organic? Do you have any nutrient deficiencies? Are you overweight?

These answers may help you increase testosterone and may help ED.


Hi. I'm glad to hear that your thyroid treatment seems to be working and that you sound as if you're on the mend.

Levels of thyroid hormone do affect those of sex hormones too. I'm a 48 year old male, first diagnosed hypothyroid at the age of 33. At one point a few months after starting thyroxine treatment my estradiol E2 was above the normal range (though no treatment was offered). Over the years I have tried many supplements and prescription medications, and have found the following to be of benefit to me:

Tribulus terristris: a herbal supplement which often helps your body to raise its own testosterone production. In the UK, you can buy it from Holland&Barrett or from many online shops.

Danazol: prescription medication used to treat endometriosis in women, but which, in men, lowers SHBG which increases free testosterone.

Letrozole and anastrazole: prescription medications called "aromatase inhibitors" which reduce the amount of testosterone that your body (naturally) converts to estrogen.

Bear in mind, though, that everybody's body is different, so: what has helped me may not necessarily help you.

Good luck


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Cheers for the detailed advice there .

I'm reluctant to start going down the prescription medication route just now but will certainly bear your advice in mind when I speak to my GP !


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