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Suggestions, please!

Just had appointment with endocrinologist who is not happy that my TSH is still suppressed, at 0.07 (0.2-4.5). My T4 is down to 8 (9-21). These are NHS tests. TT3 was tested which I don't think has much value at all, it stands at 1.4 but was 2.8 three months ago (0.9-2.4 ref range).

I have beentaking 25mcg Thyroxine and 30mcg T3 for last three months. My T3, done by BH is now 4.32 down from 4.66 Oct, and 4.95 in July last year (3.1-6.8). My Thyroxine was reduced from 50 to 25 for her to agree to putting up my T3 to 30, up from 20. She is not prepared to increase T3 without dropping altogether Thyroxine although she does not like to do that any way. I thought there was room to put up T3, ut advised against it, saying the low TSH indicates there is too much Thyroid hormone in my body as far as my pituitary is concerned. Needless to say, I don't feel all that well as I have also put on weight again, although not much. I would appreciate the opninion of other memvers very much. My other important test results, are optimal (VitD, B12, Ferritin etc.)

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No, your TSH is not saying there's too much thyroid hormone, it is saying you're taking T3, so it doesn't need to stimulate the thyroid gland anymore.

When taking as much T3 as you are, anyone who knows anything about thyroid, would expect the TSH to be suppressed, even if that dose is too low for you. In fact, the TSH is irrelevant once you are taking any thyroid hormone replacement, unless it goes high (which means you're under-medicated). It doesn't matter how low it goes.

When you are taking T3, the only important number is the FT3. Your endo should take a refresher course in thyroid! :)


Thank you again, for your comment. I felt so impotent when trying to tell her exactly that. What on earth are you supposed to say when they counterargue that such a low tsh puts you at a high risk of atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis. According to her words today there is loads of evidence for this in trials and I did not have the guts to ask: where ,please? Because I have not come across any. She does not believe in testing T3, as it you no accurate figure as it apparently troughs and peaks so much during the day. I do not tell her that I do BH test as in the past she commented that she thinks I am wasting my money. I feel I could do with more t3 but she is not prepared to increase the dose.

Your comments help me, thank you.


Well, if you ask here, someone will give you links to studies that prove that low TSH doesn't put you at a high risk of atrial fibrillation and osteoporosis.

If you always have your FT3 test at the same time of day, then you can compare them, even if they do fluctuate throughout the day, and that will at least show you if it's going up or down.


Suppressed TSH isn't the problem although Endos believe it is. Why then do patients who've had thyroid cancer are given suppressive doses?

They treat us by the TSH alone and ignore our clinical symptoms which is the purpose of taking thyroid hormone replacement.

Quite a few doctors agree with Dr Derry.

When we take T3 our T4 will be lower of course.

Before blood tests were introduced along with levothyroxine we were given NDT according to our symptoms and increased until well. No blood tests then.

Read the following and in particular page 161 deals with bone, heart etc. The whole article is informative:


Take more T3 until you are in the top 33% of the free T3 range. Ignore TSH.


Sack the endo, as s/he doesn't understand what taking T3 does to your results.


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