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Help with blood tests

Help with blood tests

Hello everyone I'm Joleen, Im wondering where I can get private blood tests done in central Birmingham. I've been to the doctors twice now over the last few years. Had thyroid checked last July and docs said all was fine. I've spoke to a friend who's just had thyroid tests done and my doctor is only checking my tsh levels and not t3 or t4

My most recent kid test was this morning and the doctor is just checking the tsh again :(

My tsh was 0.88 last July

I think I'll be better getting private tests done as my go just doesn't seem interested or doesn't believe what I'm telling her

Can you help pease?

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You can order private thyroid blood tests via


We have three recommended labs and it is done by post. So it's quite easy to do it yourself. Others who have done so will respond also but you should be well hydrated by drinking plenty of water the day before (don't overdo it) :) .

Your TSH is low but I personally don't think that's sufficient neither is T4.

What you need is TSH, T4, T3, Free T4, Free T3 and thyroid antibodies.

Blood draw should be the earliest possible, fasting, and if you were on thyroid hormones you'd allow 24 hours gap between last dose and the test and take afterwards.

GP should check your B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate.

Post your results with the ranges when you receive them.


I've got my old ranges today I'm just trying to work out if I can upload pictures


Vitamin b12 453ng/l (187-883)

Ferritin 82ug/l (10-300)

Folate 2.9ug/l (3.1-20)

Serum c reactive protein level <1mg/l (<1)

Tsh level 0.88 (0.35-4.94)


Hi Skyebaby81 from an ex-Brummie who escaped to the seaside :)

B12 under 500 can cause neurological problems. The recommended level is very top of it's range, even 900-1000 so, as Shaws has said you could supplement with sublingual methylcobalamin 1000mcg. I use this one and have been very happy with it One daily dissolved under the tongue to get it directly into the bloodstream.

Your Folate is under range. You might want to have a read through this article and then maybe discuss this with your GP

You may simply need to include more folate rich foods in your diet or you may need a folic acid supplement. See what he says.

When taking B12 we also need a B Complex to balance all the B vitamins. Thorne Basic B is a good one and contains 400mcg methylfolate which will help raise your folate level. I used that one and it raised mine from bottom of range to very top of range in 2.5 months


Ferritin is OK, it needs to be at least 70, but for females 100-130 is best. You can give it a boost by eating liver once a week, hide it in casseroles, cottage pie, curry, bolognese, etc, if you don't fancy a meal of just liver. 120-140 grams a week should be enough.


CRP is fine (if it was over range it would indicate inflammation somewhere).


Your GP may not agree to test Vit D, I think you need a very good reason (in their eyes) for them to do it now. For £28 you can get a fingerprick blood spot test from City Assays (the lab at City Hospital in Birmingham) Let us know what the result is, the recommended level is 100-130nmol/L. Or it comes as part of a thyroid/vitamin/mineral bundle with Blue Horizon or Medichecks.


As Shaws has said, you need the full thyroid panel to include the free Ts and both types of antibodies. Again, Blue Horizon or Medichecks. Probably the best value is, until 24th March, the Thyroid Check Ultra Vit with Medichecks as there is 15% discount until then with code MED32

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I'm struggling to get my doctor to take me seriously tbh. I feel awful and have done for ages


Others will respond to your blood tests and SeasideSusie will, I'm sure, respond. However, your doctor has only done your TSH but hasn't done any others. We need T4, T3, Free T3, Free T4 and thyroid antibodies. Many people have normal ranges but if they have antibodies, they are also classed as having an Autoimune Thyroid Desease called Hashimotos and doctors should treat if you have them. Most are unaware that they should do, of course.

Your GP hasn't done your Vitamin D either and B12 should be towards the upper part of the range and you can supplement with sublingual B12 methylcobalamin.

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So I got my bloods done - anyone help shed any light please

Vitamin b12 320 (140-724)

Folate serum 12.01 (389-26.80)

25 oh vitamin d 51.92 (50-200)


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