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Hashimotos specialist?

Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with Hypothyroid about 5 years ago after the birth of my first child. I was taking Levothyroxine and then after the birth of my second child 2 years ago my symptoms worsened and I had bad post-natal depression. The GP suggested that I keep increasing my medication (which was increased during pregnancy) and that I take anti-depressants. I didn't see that as a long term solution so at that point I started seeing a private endo (who was on the list) who diagnosed me with Hashi's. He put me on Armour (and then laterly Erfa) as well suggesting I do an elimination diet (I am still GF and DF) as well as start taking various supplements (selenium, iron , probiotics). I also engaged in CBT and doing all these changes initially felt better but then my progress plateaued.

More recently I finally had an NHS referral to an endocrinologist and had various tests done (Full blood count Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Free T3 and T4, Cortisol, Liver function and bone profile) which all came back normal (apart from low platelets which I have had since pregnancy) and so the endo basically said there isn't anything more that they can do at the moment.

Overall I am grateful I feel better then I did 2 years ago but most days I wake up feeling like I have been hit by a bus, have brain fog, anxiety and low mood. And weirdly I have also lost a lot of weight despite being hypothyroid.

I feel like I have come to a standstill in my health progression and am wondering is this as good as it gets! I really hope not as I want to have energy for my children. I feel I need to give it one last chance with another private doctor so if anyone has any recommendations of any Hashi specialists in the London or SW area then I would be grateful if you could private message me.

Wishing you good health

Thanks very much Sam

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Welcome to the forum, Ran_and.

Normal is a very broad range for thyroid levels and vitamins and minerals. If you post your recent results and ranges (ranges are the figures in brackets after results) members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

There is no cure for Hashimoto's which causes 90% of hypothyroidism but suppressing TSH will help reduce flares and symptoms as well as the dietary changes you have made.

If you don't wish to continue seeing the private endo you saw email for an updated list of member recommended endocrinologists and private doctors.


Thank you very much Clutter. Here are all my test results with ref ranges I'm brackets.

Thyroid function test:

- Serum TSH under 0.02mu/L (0.27-4.20mu/L). This is suppressed which could suggest over-replacement so doc said I could try reducing slightly medication if i wanted but says its normal when taking T3 and T4

- Serum free T4 15.9pmol/L (10.80-25.50pmol/L)

- Serum free T3 4.5 pmol/L (3.10-6.80pmol/L)

Serum folate 18.4ug/l (greater than 3)

Serum B12 699ng/l this is slightly high (190-660ng/l)

Serum cortisol 268nmol/L (170-490)

Serum Vitamin D 84nmol/L (50-174)

Full blood count - I won't post all the results but my platelets are around 98 (150-450)

Liver function test:

- Serum bilirubin 15 mol/L (below 21)

- Serum albumin 35 g/L (35-50)

- Serum alkaline phosphate 75 u/L (30-130)

- Serum ALT level 18 u/L (below 40)

Bone profile:

- Serum Calcium 2.31 mmol/L (2.20-2/60)

- Serum inorganic phospate 1.25mmol/l (0.8-1.50 )

- Corrected serum calcium level 2.41mmol/L (2.2-2.6 )

Oh yes totally understand that there isn't a cure but hoping to make life a little better if possible that would be great. I will definitely email Louise but was hoping that if anyone had a good experience of someone they would let know if they wished.

Many thanks Sam



Your doctor is right, TSH is often suppressed when taking T3 or NDT but FT4 and FT3 aren't high so you aren't over medicated. FT3 is less than half way through range so you might consider raising dose to increase FT3.

Folate, B12 and vitD are good. B12 isn't too high. Many people aim for B12 >1,000.

I'm not knowledgeable about cortisol but your results are within range.

Liver and bone profiles look fine.


Thanks for the info Clutter



the vital test thats not been done is ferritin

if that is below halfway in its range thats likely to be part of the problem

totally suppressed TSH with NDT is typical for many

your t4 and t3 are still low so thats not helping either

are you taking any other medication like antidepressants, omerprazole,contraceptive pill

are you gluten and dairy free


Hi reallyfedup123

Thanks so much for the info.

The last time I had my ferritin tested was 9 months ago I realise and then it was 94 (13-150). Will ask to get it retested.

I am not taking any other medication apart from supplements

I am dairy, gluten and soy free

If my t3 and t4 are low then does indicate that my medication may be too low?

Thanks again


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