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In need of a good specialist for Hashimotos

Hi everyone,

I have just moved back to the UK after being in Australia for the past 3.5 years. I lost my left kidney due to repeat infections in May 2011 and had my 1st child in Sept 2012 where I gained over 30kgs mainly in my last trimester for no valid reason at that time. I was diagnosed by my GP with Hashimotos 6 months post baby and have been on Thyroxine ever since. I was never sent to a specialist and was told to just take the medication every day for the rest of my life get my levels checked every couple of months and that was it. I since have had my 2nd child 4 months ago and having a lot of symptoms and trying to find a specialist to manage my condition. I lost about 12kg and didn't gain much with my second but still can't shift the weight. I don't really have time to see a million private Drs and Practitioners in hope of finding the right one as I was shuffled around the health system back in Australia which caused me to have 3 weeks to live due to septicaemia it was only out of pure luck and determination I found the right Urologist to take me seriously and operate immediately. I am 30yrs of age and have young children depending on me could anyone recommend the best of the best!

Warm regards, Brooke.

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Needle in a haystack in the UK

What area are you in


I'm in Manchester but don't mind travelling


Hashimotos as you know is auto-immune....GP's do not understand too well so am afraid it is left up to us to read and learn. There have been some excellent on-line pod-casts - in fact there is one at the moment....


Check out Izabella Wentz and her book - Hashimotos - The Root Cause. She has websites and a Newsletter you can sign up for and keep up to date....

I was diagnosed at 59 - and over the last 9 years have learnt a great deal on how to optimise my health. You need all the basics in place - OPTIMAL levels - and NOT just in range - of B12 - Ferritin - Folate - Iron - VITD. Take a look at my Profile - you can see I have been on quite a journey :-)

You also need to keep copies of all blood tests with ranges so you can monitor your own health.

After many years of being careful with food ( I also have Crohns ) I took the plunge over a year ago and went Gluten Free hoping to reduce my anti-bodies. So far so good - have yet to check the AB's. It is well documented that Auto-immune issues can start with impaired gut function - so it is very important to heal that too. You do not have to be a coeliac - just gluten sensitive to suffer LGS - Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Hope you soon feel better....

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Did you manage to sign up for the on-line summit ?


I did thank you so much. My daughters and I are all poorly with a nasty cold at present so haven't had time to watch anothing. Hopefully tonight x


Do hope you are all soon better. Maybe time to get the VitD checked :-) x



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