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Feeling much better thanks to this site, I can't thank you lovely, sharing members enough

I'm walking around pinching myself, I can't believe I feel nearly normal again. And it's only because of this site. GP was reluctant to prescribe and left me. it was only when I was able to quote from this site and say TSH of 10 and T4 if 10 wasn't. 'normal' that I got anywhere with GP. I still wasted 6 weeks on 25 levo which didn't touch it, it 's only now i'm on 50 that I feel I'm getting anywhere. Still not 100% but huge improvement on the last 3 months which have been a nightmare. I can't actually believe I've kept my job. It's such an invisible illness, no one understands. I had burning feet and could hardly walk ( that's what prompted blood tests in first place where TSH was first noticed. ). Feet still aren't perfect but much better. Onwards and upwards. I hope this gives hope if you are feeling really bad. I was so impatient but it just takes time. Thanks again to all the lovely people on this site. I don't know where I would be without you all.

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SO glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better! :)

SO glad to hear that you have had a positive experience with this site! :)

Thank you so much for your feedback!



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Fantastic news, it is amazing what a lift it gives you just to feel you are finally getting somewhere. Not only that the next person who sees your doctor will hopefully benefit from your (horrible) experience, really good that your doctor was prepared to listen to you.

Invisible illness sums it up perfectly.

Liz :-)

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Just make sure he doesn't keep you on 50mcg and you should still have another blood test about 6 weeks after being on the higher dose. Always get copies of your blood test results for your own reference complete with ranges. It is great when you begin to feel better but 50mcg is a starting dose.


Thanks Shaws, you are right, the journey is just beginning, I 've just sent for 2 copies of Dr Toft's book, one for me and one for my doctor so she can see that 'just in range ' doesnt mean all fixed.


Page 88 "Judging the correct dose of thyroxine" if she falters. Page 46 for T4/T3 treatment if necessary. It is great to know you are already feeling better. Check B12, folate, iron and Vit D, post results.


Thanks nostoneunturned. I was low in Vitamin D too, so I've been taking that too. Folate and iron is in range Lab wouldn't test for B12 despite GP asking 3 times so I just started a Vit B complex myself.


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