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Thank you Bristol Support Group

Just a note of thanks to the Bristol Knowle West Health Group. Without their support and discussions a few years ago, I wouldn't be nearly as well as I am now. The next meeting is this Friday morning, 18th November .. a great place to share successes and trials and to brainstorm signs and symptoms.

I am now on a much better path with Hashi's under control using T3 only, gluten free and nightshade free and supported with some supplements, which are right for me, we are all different and need careful tuning but this demon can be sorted or at least tamed!

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Hi - I'm free this Friday and would love to come! Is it still in the same place and what time please?


Clare x


hi Again can now confirm 11 - 1 at Knowle West H C 😊


Me and Cath will be there soon after 11 xx


Has the support group started again. Really miss it. Could do with some arvice re ndt?


yes Jude, will pm you contact details, so you can check out dates 😊


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