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I've posted over on PA but haven't had a reply. I've been self injecting for 6 weeks and was told to take 5 mg folic acid, I wondered is this too much ? Anyone here have B12 and UAT issues that could help me. I read last night that more than 1 mg taken can be dangerous . I have just bought a b complex with 400 mcg of folate in it, is that enough ? I don't want to take too much , thank u in advance :)

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  • I don't know anything about it, and if there's no-one here who can help then I would make a new thread over on the PA forum so it's at the top of the page again and will be seen. Don't add to your original one as they don't get bumped back up to the top of the page with this type of forum, they just continue to get lower and lower down as new threads are made.

  • Ndobins,

    What was your folate result and range?

    I was prescribed 5mg folic acid for a couple of months when I was folate deficient.

  • 24 (10-42) so mid range but I'm injecting B12 every other day , just wanted to make sure I'm doing right thing. I suppose best thing is to get a test done, will I be ok taking 5 mg folic acid and the b complex with folate in it? Thank u so much x

  • Ndobins,

    I wouldn't take both. 5mg folic acid isn't recommended for longer than 3 months as far as I recall (read the patient information leaflet) so you could start the B Complex when you've stopped taking folic acid.

  • As your Folate level is mid-range, then the B Complex with 400mcg folate in should be fine on it's own unless there's a particular reason for taking the folic acid when injecting B12.

    I used Thorne Basic B which has 400mcg methylfolate and it raised my folate level from very bottom to very top of range in 2.5 months.

  • Perfect thank u.. that's what I was thinking , that's the exact one I've got 👍👍 so thank u that's put my mind at rest!! Brilliant advice x

  • You're welcome :)

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