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Struggling with GP and diagnosis

Is there anyone else who thinks some doctors who go through their apppointments are on autopilot and don't consider the impact this has on a patient? My GP gave me bloot test forms for cortisol and acth but ommitted to tell me they should be taken at specific times and to avoid stress and exercise before. When I went for the acth one after having sat in an employment mediation hearing for over 2 hours and was really wound up. So when it came back at 3 (1 - 10 is normal) and so as far as he is concerned it is normal. Cortisol sits between 172 and 105 and when I had the acth stimulation test it improved from 225 to 447. He referred me the hospital to the endocrologist to find our hospital doesn't have one and that she is an internalist with a special interest in endocrine. She was really relucent to test my thyroid and has conceeded to TSH but refused to do Free T3 and Free T4. She acknowledges it appears there is an issue with poor output of acth leading to lowered cortisol production but unless all results are off the page low she will not try me on prednisone even thourgh I feel immeasurebly better when on a low dose. Just another case of a almost 50-year old woman who has multiple issues and a doctor who can't be bothered check previous results and seeing if there are any conditions that the symptoms might fir. GGGRRRRRRRR. Rant over and than you for listening,

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I'm sorry you are unwell but I've looked at your Profile and there's no information.

If you have a print-out of your blood tests for thyroid hormones and post, members will respond. NHS doesn't usually do FT4 and FT3 as they've been told only TSH and T4 is sufficient.

If you have any results of your most recent test, post with the ranges. If you don't have them today, put them on a new post.


I saw a new GP to the practice last time, and she very proudly announced that she had diagnosed me with "a problem with my thyroid" and here is a prescription for Thyroxine, 25ml.

I then quietly pointed out that I had been diagnosed with Hashis 7 years ago and had been on 150 Thyroxine 6 years ago. I then told her I took NDT now and she had not heard of it, but condemned it out of hand.

I refuse to see her as she obviously cannot read! Scary!


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