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What is the difference between the antibodies tested please?

Hello, I have been following a gluten free diet for three months and had a BH blood test just to see if it was working at all. I do realise it takes longer to work but just hoped something would have changed. Well it has but I don't understand why.

The anti-thyroid peroxidase abs has dropped from 256.4 to 227.8 in three months, but the anti-thyroglobulin abs has gone up from 2278 to 2516 in the same time. I thought they were linked and would both go up or down and am completely confused why one has and one hasn't.

The only other difference in the tests are the Vit D, Vit B12 are now at normal levels as they were under three months ago.

If anyone has any idea I would be grateful.

Thanks Tracey

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I am not convinced that the modest shifts in your test result indicate anything meaningful.

It is not clear if both sets of results were from Blue Horizon - or not. And whether they have the same reference ranges.


Yes both tests are from BH.


What do you call 'normal' levels of vit D and vit B12? 'Normal' is not really a word that can be applied to these things. Do you have the actual numbers and ranges? :)


Both are mid range on the BH scale but I am aiming to get them higher.


I have no idea, off-hand what the BH scale is. So, by 'normal', you mean 'in-range'? Vit D should be around 100. And B12 should be at least more than 500. Apart from that guide, it depends what suits you best. We're all different. :)


A similar thing happened to me when gf, one AB went down slightly and one went up. I doesn't work for everyone, only those for whom gluten causes significant measurable inflammation. That said, you're right, you'll only know if it works or not after some time has passed. I was gf for a year and saw no major changes.

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