Price hike for Nature-throid!!!

Just gone to order some more Nature-throid and it has almost doubled in price!! I can just about afford it at the moment but if it increases any more I don't know what I'll do :-( What are other reliable brands or have they all increased?

Nat x

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I presume you get yours via a private prescription in the U.K? If so, which chemist do you use?

No I don't, I order from the US.

How many tabs, what strength are they, and much do they cost?

I order 3 grain, A bottle of 100 is now £62.99

Just had a look and I think all brands have increased their prices :-(

Everything appears to have increased, but NatureThroid still appears to be cheaper than Armour.

Yes, Armour is about £150 for the same dose and amount!!

Hi NatChap, that's terrible. It's the brand I take although I have about a year's supply. I wonder why it has gone up so much. The attached article by Mary Shomon might go some way to explain it. Pig flu, an increase in porcine products. Supply and demand. We are being made to fork out because the NHS won't treat our illness properly.


Thyroid-S and Thiroyd are cheaper than American and Canadian NDT.

Hi NatChap I think the price hike is likely to do with the weaker pound. X

Since the beginning of the year, RLC Labs has absorbed a large price increase on the ingredients needed to manufacture our medications, Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid. It has always been and continues to be our utmost priority to keep our medications as affordable as possible. Unfortunately, after months of negotiations, we are no longer able to cover the full amount of the increase and the prices of our medications will be affected.

What’s next? Effective October 1, 2016, there will be an increase in the cost of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid. Please check with your local pharmacy for updated pricing. We encourage you to call around to find the best price for your prescription, as each pharmacy’s pricing may vary.

What is RLC Labs doing about it? RLC Labs understands the financial burden this puts on patients who take our medications. As it has always been before this increase, many patients can still count on Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid to be more cost-effective than other options. We continue to actively explore solutions that will keep prices reasonable. Please note that patient cost is dependent on a myriad of variables such as insurance coverage and dosage. You are encouraged to contact your insurance company directly regarding any insurance-related questions.

How does this affect me? Patients who take Nature-Throid or WP Thyroid can expect a price increase, effective October 1, 2016. Please see our note above on patient cost and check with your local pharmacy for updated pricing. The price increase will not have any impact on the availability, quality or efficacy of Nature-Throid or WP Thyroid. Any health related questions or concerns should be discussed with your physician.

Thank you for your understanding,


The RLC Labs team

Go to I'm even able to get my dog's meds cheaper. It's real. I don't use their card, I use the online coupon for the best price in my area. Amazing. You'll see.

Hi Nat - just wondered where you order your Nature-Throid from as I am having difficulty getting hold of it from the US supplier I normally use? Thanks

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