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Adding some T4 back in to my T3

I was on T4 for 18 years-on a dose of 125mcgs for the last few years.I had lots of hypo symptoms including hairloss,ectopic beats,palpitations,anxiety,depression,mucin,water retention,swollen abdomen,fatigue,brain fog,painful feet,frequent sinus problems etc etc.

When I added some T3,hair shedding stopped.I dropped T4 & have had 18months on T3 only.Most symptoms disappeared or hugely improved,mental & physical energy being the most noted.

One exception-I lost a lot of my hair on T3.Then in September I became anxious & depressed.I was taking 55mcgs daily.

Blood test in November showed FT3 6.4(3.80-6.00)So I have reduced my dose to 50mgs.

Raising T3 above 55mgs produces raised heartbeat,sweating,tremors.

Should I try to add some T4 back in?

Tried NDT & got ectopics & palpitations

I am taking folate,5,000 B12 & 5,000 D3 with K. plus alot of ther supplements recommended here on TUK.

I am taking iron with vitamin C

(serum iron level 16 umol/L (5.00-30.00 umol/L)

iron saturation 27% (.00-45.00%)

How serious is it that my serum TIBC is 59 umol/L (28.00-54.00umol/L )indicating inflammation?

I have been on LDN for 18months and GF

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You were over medicated on 55mcg so raising above that made you more over medicated. If you are comfortable on 50mcg why do you want to add in some T4?


I am still feeling depressed,anxious/panicky.I have lost so much hair.I am concerned that T3-only is having an effect on my mental health.Should I try lowering my T3 again to see if my mood improves?How long do I stay on 50mcs before reducing again,to see if I would improve from further lowering?

I have an appointment with gp on 5th to discuss ADs,as I feel so awful.



FT3 is within range so I don't think there's any need to reduce dose, besides it's usually low T3 which causes low mood/depression.

If you want to see whether there is any improvement by reducing T3 dose and adding in some T4 you can reduce T3 by 20mcg for every 50mcg Levothyroxine you add in.


would you class my FT3 as within range as its only slightly over?Being anxious AND depressed makes it tricky to know which way to go.I suspect adrenals are heavily implicated,too



FT3 6.4 was mildly over range on 55mcg but will be lower and within range since you've reduced dose to 50mcg. Top of range doesn't suit everyone so you could reduce to 45mcg or even 40mcg to see whether anxiety improves if you don't fancy reintroducing T4.


Thanks Clutter.I would like to avoid ADs even more than T4!


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