Why we are not getting the treatment we deserve

On reading a couple of posts I came across the following and it's good to know exactly how most Endocrinologists think and why we suffer huge disappointments when our long-awaited appointment might not go as we hoped:

Excerpt which shows what we are up against (a brick wall):

It's All In Your Head

In his editorial, Dr. Weetman states that patients who have "normal thyroid function tests" but insist they should be treated for multiple thyroid symptoms actually have "somatoform disorders." Sounds very medical and official, right? But make no mistake..."somatoform disorders" is medicalspeak for hypochondria. That's right. Weetman is saying is that if your tests are normal -- and apparently, even if you have a host of thyroid symptoms, a family history, and a goiter the size of a melon -- the diagnosis is simple and straightforward: you have a psychiatric condition. Yes, it's all in your head.


Another excerpt and article mentions Dr P, Dr S and Dr M:

Myhill cites the work of David Healy, a professor of psychiatry at Bangor University, who was the subject of professional opprobrium and the wrath of pharmaceutical companies when he said SSRI antidepressants could trigger violent and suicidal behaviour in some patients, and was later proved right.

In his latest book, Pharmageddon, Healy presents a bleak picture of the way the pharmaceutical industry has co-opted medicine, a state of affairs that Myhill says is “akin to mothers learning about nutrition from advertisement hoardings posted by the food industry”.


Myhill and Skinner were united in their belief that there was a scandal going on in Britain in relation to the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism, and Skinner could not have been more vocal in what he saw as a great injustice.

A former virologist based at the University of Birmingham, he argued that, in any scientific group there was always roughly five per cent that didn’t fit into the bell curve and so couldn’t be diagnosed via a blood test. If patients were showing symptoms of hypothyroidism, he was prepared to treat them. And, as evidence of the unreliability of blood tests, he pointed to the discrepancies between what was considered normal levels of the hormone in different countries.

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  • I would like to remove all testosterone from Dr Weetman, and see what he thinks about the lack of hormones then!

  • Weetman retired from medical practice a while ago. Good riddance.

  • What about all the students they've 'educated' over the years? They have no reason to disbelieve what they're told.

  • It is up to each and every one of us to tell them the truth as often and as loudly as possible. It is a most disheartening task but it must be done. I believe I may have convinced the GP's at local practice already but there's nothing they seem prepared to do or say to me to prove it, so it's a long journey ahead.

    As CG says below, getting rid of Vanderpump would be another small step forwards.

    I am now having to wait till March to discover whether my criticism of the local APC for their blacklisting of Armour/NDT will result in this local policy being abandoned. One CCG out of 8 has already agreed with me after I sent my last letter, so one down, 7 more to go.

  • Panda321 I admire your determination and perseverance, really hope it comes to fruition and you get your prescription.

  • You really have to be congratulated in your perseverance. We do get very angry when we discover there are more thyroid hormone replacements than levothyroxine. We are told initially that this is all there is and how many of us struggle on and on and on.

    Thyroiduk.org.uk too, before the forum began, gave me the info I needed to go forward. 36 pages on the following. If you've not read the following it may be helpful to you.


  • I have gathered together a vast amount of data from here, the TPA and elsewhere, including quotes from various bodies such as the BMA. I have extracted many of the relevant facts from all of this into an 8 page letter which I will send to the next body in line who supports the blacklisting of Armour/NDT when I get the reply from the APC. Subject, of course to that reply being favourable to me, for which I can see no alternative action for the APC to take. For anybody to reject the info I am presenting to them puts them in line to be called hypocrites of the highest order and whatever action from me that will follow, perhaps made through my MP, who is being consulted on the progress I am making.

    It is nice for me to actually have a genuine ambition in my life at last as I never had a proper one before right throughout my professional career. My ultimate aim is, of course, to get NDT back as an authorised treatment for Thyroid conditions worldwide, not just for me, but I suspect I will be getting many Christmas cards from the King long before that happens.

    I do not like people people lying to me. It was bad enough when I was working, but when those lies have destroyed most of my retirement years it is particularly unpalatable and deserves my full attention.

    I am forced to restrict my efforts to this single issue as I have no personal experience of such things as thyroid cancer, Hashimoto's or drugs other than synthetic levothyroxine and therefore cannot speak about them with any degree of authority.

  • The following is another arrow for your bow :)

    It was sent to the BTA and RCoP and despite three yearly reminders asking for a response, not one of the Professionals responded. Probably thought they were superior to a Chiropracter but he was also a scientisit and a logistician who responded to their False Statements.



  • Thanks, already aware of this.

    One of the points I will make is that I have the right to request the Charity Commissioner to remove the charitable status of any body if they are failing to work in accordance with their registration details. There can be no doubt that some charities are guilty of that offence.

    But first I must discredit the local APC.-

  • Wouldn't it be good if Vanderpump joined Weetman. Endoknobs of the highest order.

  • I have responded to Panda321.

    "What about all the students they've 'educated' over the years? They have no reason to disbelieve what they're told"

  • shaws - an enquiring mind doesn't seem to be a prerequisite for doctoring!

  • They still have to keep to the guidelines. Look what happened to Dr S. The guidelines have to be changed to suit the patient.

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