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Thyroid S problems

Hi, I've been on Thyroid S for 9 months now, and my health or energy levels have not improved greatly. My Dr is now willing to help me help myself at least. My latest blood test showed:

TSH: 0.02 - I understand this result gets suppressed while on NDT.

FT4: 10.4

F Triiodothyronine(?) 5.2

My Dr suggested I add Levo as well as NDT. I'm currently taking 2.5 grains, which I've been on for about 3 weeks. Body temp still below av. Earlier I was on 3.5, but that gave me heart palpitations.

Does anyone know of a Endocrinologist in the Sheffield area that is more progressive?

I have read the article Chapter 7 of a book someone posted, which was very helpful, but what's the book called?

Wishing you all a happy and healthy New Year!


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Thankyou -Yes that's the chapter I've got already - it's very good. Not got complete test results yet - she was testing for thyroid function, and Chronic Fatigue.

What's TPOa and TGab? Dont think I've been tested for Hashimoto's..

200mcg of NDT ot levo?


Have a look at this pinned post:


Download the file.

TPO = Thyroid Peroxidase

TG = Thyroglobulin

TPOab = Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies

TGab = Thyroglobulin antibodies

These, when tested and above range, are usually taken as indicating autoimmune thyroid disease/Hashimoto's disease.

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Also have a look here:


Maybe even download their app for Android & IOS?

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Thankyou on this Christmas eve.. Am I wasting my time on NDT? Will check out links - Thankyou!


Shame that Christmas doesn't bring a cure to thyroid problems. :-(

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This is a link which may be helpful when taking NDT or T3 only.


When taking NDT you increase dose dose slightly every two weeks till symptoms are resolved. Of course sometimes we have to switch to another NDT if we don't get the relief we expect.

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Thankyou v much!



Your GP will be used to interpreting results for patients taking Levothyroxine. When taking NDT FT4 is often lower than when taking Levothyroxine because high levels of T4 aren't required when taking T3 direct. TSH is usually suppressed when FT3 level is adequate. You don't need to add Levothyroxine to raise FT4. You could try an additional 1/2 grain of NDT which will raise FT3.

Email louise.roberts@thyroiduk.org.uk in the New Year for a list of member recommended endos.

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Thankyou so much for the info!


Will pm you but away at the moment but will as soon as I can Jackie 101

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Hi Silverfox,

I've read the Dr Lowe chapter now, and it seems that my best option is to try going for T3 only meds - would you agree? Can you tell from the above test results whether I have Hashimoto's? Is T3 the only remedy? I've bought some selenium, but not stared on it, I also take vitamin supplements.

with thanks


Jackie, as someone who has been on Thyroid S for a very long time, on the face of it there looks to be nothing much wrong with your results. My TSH is zero, and the other Ts are a little higher than yours. Free T3 is the only meaningful reading on NDT, and should be towards the top of the range. Ranges for your results would help, but assuming they are fairly typical you should be feeling reasonably good, and certainly better than before.

You don't ever seem to have shared your test results before Thyroid S, so it is difficult to guess why levo wasn't agreeing with you. Apart from under-medication the common causes are poor conversion and high reverse T3.

You don't have a test result for reverse T3 which would block absorption of the straight kind. T3 only is usually the treatment of choice for high reverse T3 since any form of T4 can form RT3.

I am a poor converter, despite good nutrient levels, possibly due to a genetic mutation. I do fine on NDT and had a terrible reaction (like a raging arthritis) to synthetic T3.

And there are a few oddities, as with everything, that just do well without any obvious reason.

So definitely you need a full thyroid panel like Blue Horizon.

A trial of T3 only is worth a punt, but it may or may not be the solution.

It is rather more likely, in my totally unprofessional opinion, that something else is going on. Low B12 is probably the likeliest. It tends to come with hypothyroid because our low stomach acid causes poor absorption. But a whole host of diseases cause symptoms similar to hypothyroidism and it may be quite a task to pick it apart and find what you have, if anything.


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