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New symptoms

Hi I have Graves' disease, diagnosed 2 years ago and now med free for 3 months. Latest bloods serum TSH 1.49 mu/L range (0.20 - 4.50); serum free T4 14.3 pmol/L (7.0 - 17.0). 12 months ago I had what I thought was a reaction to reducing my Carbimazole- trembling, generally feeling nauseous but my thyroid levels were within range and my kidney markers dropped below the range to GFR 59ml/min/1.73m2 (60-160); then one month later dropped to GFR 47. As I was taking vitamin B complex and selenium amongst other supplements the nephrologist put it down to that and gave me a small course of steroids which bought the range back to GFR 61 and since then it has been steady at the same rate.

Last weekend I had a similar flare up but had palpitations, have been having pains in my toes and occasionally in my knees and tight hamstrings for weeks. I had my bloods done on Friday with the results shown.above but with a GFR of 57 but thyroid bloods still in euthyroid range!! Could this be something else other than Graves - I'm concerned I might have lupus!!

Any help would be appreciated.

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my understanding of remission in graves is that you TrAB antibodies have been below 0.9 (0-1) for at least six months before stopping meds. If your antibodies have not been tested then I suspect that you are becoming hyper again as we all know you can have graves with odd symptoms for a long time before graves is actually diagnosed. Bloods within range mean nothing really as we each need to be at our own optimal level to feel well. I don't know anything about lupus so you should go to your doctor for tests if you are worried x


Thank you for responding - unfortunately my GP won't test for antibodies, neither will my endocrinologist! I will have to get a referral to the nephrologist for that or go private! Does a flare up if the antibodies usually affect the kidney function?


Graves antibodies can cause all sorts of symptoms and problems. I don't know where you live but here in UK it is difficult to get doctors to do all the tests required such as antibodies, vitD3 and B12 etc so I elected to pay for my own through Blue Horizon which I found through this group. If it was me I would keep going back to the doctors until they had a good look at my kidneys as stress can also cause flares of Graves x


Hi yes I live in the U.K., saw my endocrinologist last night and as I suspected he said my kidney flare was moth to do with my thyroid as my thyroid levels were in the euthyroid range still. He said my kidney flare was probably stress related and would more than likely right itself over the next few weeks. Since then I have spoken to the nephrologist who has requested that I go for a radionuclide scan to check the true kidney function. I am quite apprehensive about this because of the radiation aspect of that particular scan. So confused!!


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