low TSH level after low Radioactive Iodine dose

Hi, everyone,

I looking for an answer in how to fix the Hashimoto disease without extracting my Thyroid gland.

After two years of receiving low radioactive iodine treatment (8 millicuries) , my thyroid is growing back, since I have pressure on my neck ( where the thyroid) is located, I have difficulty breathing when laying down, My TSH is low: 0.01, my T3 & T4 are normal, but my Thryroglobuline is extremely high. The only thing that my doctor said is that due to the high Thyroglobuline is saying that my thyroid is growing back.

I saw the video of Dr. David Clark, and it has been of good reference, but still I need a doctor to help me with the Hashimoto disease. I live in Miami, and at the UM hospital I have not found a doctor for this issue yet.

Thank you,

Geraldine Marko

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