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I wrote a post a while ago concerning confusion with my test results. This is original post:

Hello all. A while ago I was having a lot of issues concentrating, had extreme exhaustion mixed with episodes of being hyper, crazy moods swings and was always hungry. Got my thyroid tested and it all showed hyperthyroid. Went to an endocrinologist who believed I may had Graves Disease. They scheduled a thyroid uptake scan for me. The results on the scan were completely normal. At this time I was feeling a bit better. My doctor seemed confused but said that thyroid problems fluctuate and to just schedule another appointment in a few months. I decided to just go to my regular doctor to get my blood work done since it was cheaper. All my blood work that I have had done was still pointing toward hyper, but the numbers were inches slowly more toward the normal range. The last test I had done about a month ago, all my thyroid tests were normal except for the TSH, which was 0.01. I guess I am just confused, no doctors seem to be able to give me any concrete answer of what that could mean. My mom keeps insisting that it was stress that was making my thyroid all crazy, but I have never heard of that being a cause for thyroid issues. As of right now I feel great, I have gotten on anti depressants to help with anxiety and general depression, which is something I have always had, but seems to have gotten worst with all the thyroid drama. The blood work I had done was the whole shebang, every possible test you can ask for I got. Anyone have any experience with thyroid issues just going away?


I had a lot of good responses, and most a couple people seemed to think that I probably had silent thyroiditis, and things were going back to normal. I had blood work done again, and my TSH is still low, 0.01, so no change. But all my other numbers are still the same. Does anyone have any ideas of what would be causing this? If I did have silent thyroiditis, how long would it take for my TSH to go back to normal? Is there anything that would cause my t3, and t4 to return to normal, but not my TSH? Any information would be great.

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  • Hi Clementine55, this all sounds very confusing and worrying for you. It would be helpful if you could post your test results with ranges. You may have more than one thing going on and if you're worried, if I were you I think I'd go back to the endocrinologist as they have more knowledge and expertise. on the other hand as you feel well now, perhaps just forget it and enjoy life. Thyroid results go haywire if you have other illness, so maybe your mums right about stress anxiety and depression. Hope you continue to feel well

  • In November My T3 was 5.5. TSH was 0.01, t4 was normal. I lost my first test results, where my t4, t3, and tsh were all out of range, waiting on doctor to resend it. My most recent test results done April 10th are: Free t4 2.1 (1.4-3.8 is normal) T4 Thyroxine was 6.4 (4.5-12.0 are normal) and my T3 was 33 (normal is 22-35%) and of course through all my tests my TSH has always been the same 0.01

  • TSH is a pituitary hormone. Perhaps you need to follow the medics on this. If they're not worried about your test results and you feel well, there's no problem. :)

  • I am still have symptoms, sometimes I feel fine for a period of time then it gets bad again. My main issues are extreme brain fog and exhaustion. I am also losing weight, however I am still at a healthy weight, but since December I have lost 20lbs, which of course I am happy about because I had been a bit overweight. 180lbs at 5'5, so I am okay with that part :-)

  • TSH of 0.1 is not abnormal unless its accompanied by HYPERTHYROID/Graves symptoms

    Its possible you have Hashimotos Disease and are swinging back and forth from Hyper to hypo thyroid in which case they will usually give Block and Replace therapy but that is not without its problems

    Try going on a gluten free diet because that can often help

    Dr Isabella Wentz has written several articles on it

  • 0.01, not 0.1. normal is .4

  • I was having hyperthyroid symptoms, severe anxiety and fast heart rate. Shaking hands, losing hair(still have that one) Most of it has gone away, but sometimes it comes back for a period of time.

  • Have they tested your thyroid anti-bodies ? Where in the ranges are you with B12 - VitD - Ferritin - Folate - Iron. If all these are low then mood can be affected as well as lots of other things.

    Do hope you soon feel stronger....

  • I agree with Marz - did they check your thyroid antibodies. Some labs don't check everything if TSH is 'normal'.

    This is a quote:

    The presence of TPO antibodies in your blood suggests that the cause of thyroid disease is an autoimmune disorder, such as Hashimoto's disease or Graves' disease. In autoimmune disorders, your immune system makes antibodies that mistakenly attack normal tissue.

    This is a link which I hope is helpful. It's the first time I've read it and is understandable to novices like me.


  • Yes I had an antibody test at my second blood work with my endocrinologist, they said it was normal, did not point to autoimmune disorder.

  • What does 'normal' mean? nothing! What he means is 'in range', which by itself isn't good enough. A good habit to get into is to always ask for a print-out of your results and always post them here - with ranges - when you ask a question. Then we'll all know what we're talking about, because 'normal' just doesn't tell us anything! :)

  • I do request my lab work, it says Thyroid Peroxidase Antibodies: 5. normal <9

  • And I wrote my previous lab work in earlier posts on here

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