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hypothyroid - share my consultant journey

Hi all,

I recently informed you that I would be meeting an NHS consultant after a referal from my GP (who refused to up the dose of Levothyroxine as long as TSH was anywhere in range of (.3-5) and said my symptoms were post partum. I wrote to my surgery and complained that I felt very symptomatic (ie fatigue, weight increase etc) and felt my dose needed an increase - hence referral.

I was left unhappy after my first endo app with registrar. He agreed with the GP. He tried to discharge me from his clinic. I then asked for a range of tests which he did ie coeliac, cortisol, range of thyroid function tests, vit d. He sent me a follow up letter informing the Dr that my levo dose should decrease because my TSH was .22 (even though t4 was bottom of range at only 9 (range is 9-25). He also reiterated my symptoms were hormonal post pregnancy. A follow up app (at my request) was arranged for 6 December.

I was really unhappy with my consultation.

I received the test results for the above. Thankfully coeliac, cortisol and vit d were all fine (numbers showed all ok). However TSH was now 4 and t4 was 11. Hence backing up my symptoms.

I decided to write to the consultant and also ask only to see him at my next app. I was made to feel crazy at my last app, but now felt angry that he let me feel like that.

I met the consultant. He was very attentive and let me explain (the last dr hurried me through app) what was going on. Upon lookin at my results he immediately agreed to increase my dose and agreed to keep my TSH below 2 and t4 over 18. Why 2 and not 1, I dnt know?

However the slightly strange thing was, he agreed to do this re the figures provided I pretended that I wanted to get pregnant! He it seemed could not allow patients to be managed tightly within the range unless there was some other pressing medical reason!

Anyway the other upside is, he will not discharge me from his care until I feel totally fine. I have monthly thyroid function blood tests booked up until I see him in


so overall I feel much better about things.

Hope this was insightful and am happy to answer and questions.


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Oh for goodness sake, having to pretend you want a baby to be treated!!

Why doesnt the consultant just grow a backbone and treat his patients properly? Well done for tolerating his weak kneed stupidity and getting some sort of treatment.....

How long for the medics to sussthat you dont wAnt babies, What happens if you do get pregnant? Does the thyroid treatment stop? What happens when you get too old to have them?

Keep us updated!



crazy right. However, I feel he needs to build a case to my GP over the next 3 months which shows I feel fine with tighter management. My GP is staunchly unwilling to increase my dose if TSH is anywhere in range.

I suppose I'm grateful he at least willing to work around the system and get me to hopefully a happy end point. But totally agree, why the charade? Men at his clinic possibly won't stand a chance.

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