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So i called my Endo today and requested a 1/4 grain increase in armour. I was on synthetics until 2 wks ago. I took an alternating dose of synthroid 50/75 every other day and 5 mcg cytomel daily as i explained in previous posts. Endo let me try 1 grain of armour and i am not sure if this is enough. I am wondering if i am under medicated because i think my dose was perfect prior but i wanted NDT. My TSH on 4 days of 75s and 3 days of 50 with daily cytomel 5s was .35 and i felt pretty good. I feel better on the NDT but maybe not optimal. Would i know only 2 wks in? Also, she wanted me to take it 1 time a day but with the increase of T3 I split it into halves from day 1 and thinking that would help to even me out a little better than taking all of the T3 at once. She refused any more than 1 grain today stating that it is equal to 100 synthroid. I do not think that is correct. What do you all think? Is that equal 1 grain to 100mcg synthroid? And should i try the whole pill in the morning instead of the splitting? Any feed back appreciated. Thanks!

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  • HASHISmom,

    I agree with your endo. You were medicating the equivalent of 78.5 mcg T4 a day and if you felt well on this dose, then 1 grain of NDT should be enough.

    NDT comes in either 60 or 65 mcg and appears to work slightly differently to synthetic hormones, possibly due to containing all T4, T3, T2, T1 and calcitonin. Due to a higher bioactivity, wellbeing may be achievable by medicating a slightly lower dose. (see link below).

    Taking the 4:1 ratio that manufacturers use, 38mcg T4 + 9 mcg T3 = 74mcg ..... BUT is is claimed to be bioactively equivalent to 100mcg T4 (see link below). That means the delivery and action is estimated by the manufacturer to be the same as medicating 100mcg synthetic T4.

    Hormones take ages to rebalance and you need to blood test and reconsider any dose changes six weeks after starting. Taking your daily dose all in one or splitting is individual choice and you will only know what works best for you by trying.

    I read the hormones in NDT are supposedly attached to thyroglobulin (as opposed to "free" in synthetic), requiring digestion before the T4 & T3 are released. This to me indicates a once daily dose should not incure the bumps often felt with synthetics but I have yet to try it.


  • thank you Radd. Very helpful!

  • also, I read on NDT you should know if you will have symptoms on a dose by 2-3 wks in as opposed to T4 only that takes 6-8 wks to build up your dose to know for sure. And since i was already taking both T3 & T4 but synthetics i should know pretty quick? I guess i should try to take it all at once and see if i do better or worse.

  • Right on Radd (as usual). My two cents worth are to add that the single dose first thing in the morning (and an hour before breakfast) seems better since your stomach is at it's emptiest and therefore absorption is maximized. I tried to split my doses just out of curiosity but I was never far enough away from breakfast, lunch, a cup of tea and biscuit etc etc so my feeling of well being declined slightly. I vote for a singe dose in the morning.

  • I take two grains of NDT one in the morning and another in the afternoon. The T3 in it is fairly short lived it's not at all like Levo. I have no thyroid. It take some weeks for your body to feel optimal. You will know when you reach that point but it takes time and it's difficult to access different dosages. I know that now it's winter I may need to increase my dose by 1/2 grain because my temp has gone down to 35.5 instead of 36.6.

  • Hi HASHISmom34

    With NDT you tune every day depending on what you are up to. You have base amount of say 1 grain and you never take less. Then you top up to say an 1 extra grain taken in .5 of a grain at a time. The first grain at 11pm, so you have plenty on board for 4am when you make your max adrenals. Then take your temp about 10am - if you falling to 36.0C take an extra .5 grain. That will do most days. If you are going sailing or playing football in the rain etc you will need another .5 grain. Be super careful after that or you will go Hyper and get heart pulps etc. Blood tests are a complete waist of time on T3 products because your TSH will move heaps over a normal day. The main thing is how are you feeling and what is your temp like.

    I'd buy NDT online so you have sufficient quantities to dose correctly. Doctors and endo's have no idea - avoid them they'll make you worse.


  • J,

    "I'd buy NDT online so you have sufficient quantities to dose correctly. Doctors and endo's have no idea - avoid them they'll make you worse." Except for the good ones(rare, even in the states), your last sentence is spot on, LOL.

    Both NDT , liquid t3 and liquid t3/t4 can be purchased online from reputable vendors. It is a travesty that some of us must self-treat but it's better than being sick & malfunctioning.

  • i have visited a site online. To buy meds online on your own it is super expensive and i cannot afford. I wonder if there is a way to apply your insurance here in the states.

  • Is there a way to pm me? I will say look up Thiroyd(that's how it's spelled). It's NDT, used by many people worldwide. Inexpensive & no rx needed.

  • tropicaldaze for some reason it does not let me PM anyone or respond to messages either.

  • New on here, too, and never sent PM to anyone. As I said, look up Thiroyd. It's genuine NDT, no rx needed. Inexpensive, too. I take it.

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