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Vitamin D

I was instructed by my physician to take Vitamin D 6000 units a day. I've been on this dose for 4 weeks. Yesterday started with lower leg swelling. Puffy face and eyes, irregular heatbeat, stinging end if tongue. I called she told me to skip few days then start back but only do 2000 units. Just can't find a dose that raises level, but can tolerate as well.

Level Vitamin D was 24 normal is 50-100

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palberts01 Which Vit D are you taking - brand? Is this the D2 or did you change to D3 as recommended in an earlier post?


I tried D2 prescription swelled really bad for 2 days doctor swithe to Genestra Vitamin D emulsion 1000mg she had me do 3 drops in am and 3 drops pm


I'm also wondering if my parathyroid blood test is off haven't had tested in a year


Well, it's the correct form of Vit D (cholecalciferol) so it would seem you are reacting to something. Not everyone gets on with Vit D but there are other ingredients in your supplement - could you be reacting to anything?


Natural spearmint flavour

Xanthan gum

Extra virgin olive oil

Organic stevia leaf extract

Potassium sorbate

Citric acid

The D3 I used contained only D3 and extra virgin olive oil, I try to avoid any extra ingredients in supplements.

But if you've been on this supplement at the same dose for 4 weeks then it seems strange that any reactions should start at this stage. Has anything else changed? Have you added anything else that it might be reacting to? Did you eat anything different that might cause the reaction?


If you google vitamin D intolerance you will find quite a lot of info.

I find I can't tolerate it - gives me severe bone pain in legs.


Blimey, she is admitting to a 33.3% error. If she does this again I would look for another doc.


I use Vitamin D from Bio-Tech Pharmacal becuase they are hypo-allergenic

I get them from Amazon or GreenVits


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