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hiya, not sure where to start as unlike what i have found on here i have great support from my doc's and hospital, i have autoimmune thyroid disease, i have had it for the last 14 plus years but doc's think i had it way before that as been ill since i was 17 im now 36, anyway i have just got my bloods result back and im right to be thinking for the first time they have tested my vitamin D levels and they are low at 38 nmols/l so have been told to take a high dose of 1,000 units twice a day, my real question is as i keep seeing it on here is with a throid disease is it common for the vitamin D to be effected by it, many thanks

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  • I think most people are low in England to be honest, its our latitude, and unless you can afford regular holidays in the sun, with our winter last year all of my family tested low.

    Tan x

  • Vitamin D is absorbed through the skin when we have exposure to sun, therefore many British people are deficient in Vit D - I have even read now that sunscreen can also prevent it being absorbed. It is one of the most important Vitamins your body needs.

    So, when we are hypo and trying to get better, we try to make sure of Vit D an Vit B12 are optimum.

    During the 2nd world war, all children were given bottles of Orange Juice (Vit C) and cod liver oil (Vit A and D) to keep them well when they were on food rations.

  • Hi, I can have regular vit D tests at GP`s but they take 3 weeks because, I am told they only do 2 or 3 a year. Can you imagine the number of people not treated? You do need a calcium test before treatment and during treatment. treatment normally permanent unless calcium goes above range , which is even more dangerous.


  • You don't need a doctor to get your Vitamin D tested.

    CityAssays, Birmingham NHS path lab do them for £25 by post and if you buy 10 they are £20 each. All you have to do is prick your finger dab a drop of blood on sample sheet and post it back to them. They EMAIL the result to you in a couple of days.

    The Chart at this link shows how much more vitamin D you need to get to the OPTIMUM level human DNA is set to work best with.

    Amazon have 5000iu vitamin d capsules at £9 for a years supply so it's not expensive.

    The NATURAL level for Vitamin d is when 25(OH)D is around the 125nmol/l 50ng/ml level.

    Traditionally living populations in East Africa have a mean serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentration of 115 nmol/l. = 46ng/ml

    It's only at this level 125nmol/l that we have sufficient reserves to deal with inflammation and infection effectively.

    However we have to remember to change Vitamin D to the hormonal form Calcitriol we need to have MAGNESIUM present.

    Most of us don't get sufficient magnesium from modern foods so need more.

    The switching on of the production of the active hormonal form of vitamin d is also increased when we have OMEGA 3 (both EPA and DHA) available.

    Unfortunately we consume a lot of omega 6 corn, soy, sunflower vegetable/seed oils and these neutralize the actions of omega 3. So many people need to reduce their sources of omega 6 and INCREASE their sources of fish oil or omega 3's.

    Vitamin D3 should be seen as part of a team of anti-inflammatory agents working not in isolation but in collaboration with magnesium, omega 3 and melatonin.

  • Vicki, I tried doses of 5,000 i.u.and still could not raise my levels. I think hypos have a problem absorbing D and converting sunshine to D as I spend hours and hours in the sun playing golf without sunscreen and my level was 20. I followed a very good medical doctor who went to alternative because of the lack of a whole area of autoimmune disease not understood by conventional medicine and what Mr. Hutchinson states so very articulately is also what I have learned. A good magnesium supplement is probably very essential.

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