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I would welcome your comments, advice on my latest blood test results which have been reported by my Endo, who states I have many of the cardinal features of chronic fatigue syndrome and doubts whether my thyroid condition is contributing significantly to it.

TSH 6.0 mu/L

FT4 36 pmo/L

FT3 3.9 pmo/L

These tests results above of 18 November are markedly different from my results of 2 November see below.

TSH 2.4 mU/L

FT4 15.1 pmo/L

FT3 3.37 pmo/L

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Opatija Your endo is a jerk! Your TSH has risen significantly and is over range, you have become more hypo according to that.

I don't understand your FT4 result as you haven't put the range but is it really 34? That does really make sense with a high TSH, you would expect it to be low in it's range as is your FT3.

Why have your tests been repeated just 2 weeks after the other test?

As you have Hashimoto's (over range TPO antibodies mentioned in your previous post), are you addressing this and trying to reduce the antibody attacks by being gluten free and supplementing with selenium L-selenomethionine 200mcg daily?


My FT4 is 36. I was not given the ranges. The results were reported, as I stated, without ranges in the Endo clinic letter of 18 November to my GP, cc'd to me.

Although I had a print out of my 2 November results with me, I was told by my Endo that he couldn't see these on his system, as my Endo appointment was not within my local NHS Trust region. I can only assume he repeated them because he will now have the results on his system.

The Endo has asked my GP to repeat the bloods after a month, and asked for a printout of my thyroid function tests over as long a period as they are available.

I am seeing my GP on Tuesday to discuss the results, and my high BP 155/86.

Your advice is appreciated.

Many thanks

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