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Blood test: after Levo increase T4 going up but TSH staying the same, please help me understand thanks

Hello, I need a hand interpreting my new blood test results.

I was started on 25 micrograms Levo shortly before getting pregnant. I was then put on 50 during pregnancy and continued on 50 after. I started to feel more and more unwell in the Summer. I am still breastfeeding my baby but now starting to cut down in view of gradually stopping, baby just turned 1.

Thanks to advice from people on here, after the gps suggested antidepressants in September 2016 I redid my bloods privately in Italy. These showed my values were getting worse again even though still in range. (They also showed I don't have Hashimotos. My mum and grandma were hypothyroid so I guess it's genetic.) I then went back to gps, asked for a different doctor whom I only spoke to on the phone and they agreed to give me a 25 microgram increase in my Levo and retest after 6 weeks. I did see a slight improvement in my energy levels but I still feel very tired, achy, confused and struggling to remember things and words. I get breathless very easily and can't shift any of my baby weight. My wrists still hurt, even though not as bad.

It would be so helpful if people on here could give me some advice before I go back to GPs. I feel really stressed as unfortunately the helpful GP whom I spoke to on the phone has left. It looks like my T4 has gone up quite a lot compared to early October, but my TSH hasn't moved that much (although the lab in Italy has a different range from the UK). What could this mean? shall I try to get them to give me more Levo? All my Thyroid tests are below:

End of November 2016

TSH 3.3 (0.2- 5.0)

T4 16.7 (9.0 - 24)

Early October

TSH 3,4190 (0.2800 – 4. 6000)

T3 2.32 (1.40 – 4.20)

T4 10.3 (8.0 – 22)

Thyroid stimulating Immoglobulin (TSI ab) 22.7 (0.2 – 50.0)

Antithyroglobulin Antibody (TG Ab) 0.9 (<34.0)

Antithyroid Peroxidase Antibody (TPO Ab) 0.5 (<12)

September 2016

TSH 2.5 (0.2- 5.0)

T4 17.3

(9.0 - 24)

May 2016

TSH 1.6 (0.2- 5.0)

T4 19.3 (9.0 - 24)

Thank you so much in advance xx

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Well, you're still under-medicated. Your FT4 is still only mid-range. And, in October, your FT3 was also under mid-range. Most people need it up the top of the range to feel well.

One negative antibody test does not rule out Hashi's, because antibodies fluctuate. You could still have it. :)


Hi eljii, thanks for your comment.

In October I got Serum ferritin 26.4 (10 – 284). In May Serum Vitamin B12 421 ng/L (150-900), Serum Folate 12.1 ug/L (3.0-16)

Vitamin D I wasn't sure how to read, this is the May result:

25-Hydroxivitamin D2 level 4 nmol/L

25-Hydroxivitamin D3 level 66.8 nmol/L

Serum vitamin D 70.8 mol/L

Because I am still breastfeeding, it's tricky to find supplements that I can take. I have been trying to eat iron rich foods, like liver pate.

I was taking breastfeeding multivitamins but they didn't do anything.

I am now taking a Vitamin D supplement from HealthAid Cholecalciferol 5,000iu and yesterday I bought a box of Floradix tablets as I realised they are ok for breastfeeding.


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